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Launch Trend Predictions for 2022

Can you believe it’s the end of November already?!

This is the time of year to reflect back on the past 12 months and look ahead to all the magic that’s about to happen in the next 12 months.

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m doing a bit of both and talking about my favourite subject – launching.

You’re probably thinking about what you’ll be launching next year (side note: if you haven’t yet – make sure you put a date in your calendar to do so!)…

So to help you with your launch planning I thought it would be helpful to share some of my launch trend predictions so you can set yourself up for launch success.

I’m going to focus on the offers you’ll launch, your launch content and your actual launch period.

So let’s do this.

launch trend predictions for 2022

Launch Trend Prediction 1 – Your offers

Consumers have endless options – especially online!

And even more so due to covid and the need to pivot and offer services and products online.

So when you’re creating an offer it needs to be something irresistible.

Something that your community is willing to pay for.

It might seem like an amazing idea to you – but does your ideal client or customer feel the same way?

There’s absolutely no point creating a course or program or product if your community won’t buy it. Because at the end of the day – you’re not the one investing in your offer are you?

It can be one of the hardest lessons to learn, when you launch an offer and it doesn’t sell. But before you burn it to the ground and swear off launch forever – go back and start talking to your community.

What do they really need help with?
How can you create something that helps them?

These people are the ones who are going to buy your offers so for the love of dogs create for them. The connection and conversations you have with them will be pivotal to the success of your launches in 2022.

Launch Trend Prediction 2 – Your content

The backbone of your launches – and not just during your open cart period.

Because if you wait until then to start talking about and promoting your offer to your audience – you’ve left it too late.

If you’re not sharing content consistently (note: this doesn’t mean posting every day) then you may as well be invisible.

Your content plays a HUGE role in communicating to your audience why your offer is for them and why you are the person they should trust with their investment.⁠

So you need to get strategic about the content you’re creating – because posting filler content with zero purpose, just because you don’t want to annoy people is so 2020.

In terms of content trends – your launch content needs to extend off social media.

Instagram engagement is down across the board.

Once upon a time you could post about your magical offer and be confident it’d get in front of the right people…

But these days with the ever increasing amount of content out there AND Insta’s love for introducing new features every 5 minutes – it can take more time and effort to cut through the noise.

So if you’re using the ‘Gram to share your offers, what you’ve always done won’t be enough alone.

You need to have a mix of content types so you can get in front of as many eyeballs as possible, grow your community and nurture those leads so they’re ready and waiting to buy from you when you launch.

Which is why you might’ve noticed the increasing number of people starting podcasts.

It’s exactly why I started my podcast. As a different way of connecting with my community and getting my message in front of more people.

This doesn’t mean you have to start a podcast. You can also pitch to be a guest on other people’s podcasts.

Email marketing will always be a vibe for launching – that’s not going to change.

And as for social media – add Instagram Lives and Reels (sorry) into your launch content strategy. This is the type of content that Insta is prioritising so sometimes you gotta play their game.

Launch Prediction 3 – Your Launches

Based on what I’ve witnessed over the past 12 months in my own launches and my client’s launches is that people are taking longer to make their purchase decisions.

Sometimes people need more time to make a decision about investing in themselves and their business which is why firstly you need to be consistently sharing content outside of your launch AND why the length of open cart periods are getting longer.

When I launched the School of Content Wizardry for the first time my open cart was for 7 days and now I wouldn’t do any less than 14 days.

You don’t want to be pushing that adrenalin filled launch onto your ideal clients and customers, and make it feel like you’re forcing them to make a decision.

Of course you want to have some urgency markers in your launch to incentivise fast action takes, but you also want to give people the time and information they need to make an empowered decision. One that is best for them.

And this is why you’ll see people extending their close cart dates, and then immediately re-starting their waitlist building.

This should be an ongoing process and why having a strategic plan for your launches for 2022 should be something that’s on the top of your priority list.

Take some time to map out the planned dates of your launches so that you have a clear direction for your business strategy, for your content strategy and for your launch strategy.

A sustainable and successful business strategy is not one that focuses on just the 30 days ahead – it’s a longer term vision.

People have slowed down. They want more time. More space. And this is also what’s been reflected back in launch results this year.

And there you have it – some of my launch trend predictions for 2022.

In 12 months we’ll reflect back and see how right I was!

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launch trend predictions

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