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Marketing Magic: The Messaging Tweak That Transformed My Business

I’m a big believer that your messaging in your business matters SO much. A few simple tweaks can turn an offer that sells inconsistently into an offer that sells like hotcakes.

How do I know? Well, that’s a secret I’m happy to tell you, dear wizard! 

This year I made some tweaks to the messaging for my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series and it changed the game for myself and my business. This offer became my easiest offer to sell despite it also being my most premium offer in terms of price point.  

So how did I do it? In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I shared the exact messaging tweaks I made, why it worked and how you can apply this to your own messaging. 


Good messaging and marketing starts with DESIRE

So earlier this year I went through one of my most challenging launches. And, as I spoke about in Episode 127 – I chose to take the lessons from this challenging launch and use it to review and refine my messaging.

After my disappointing launch, I had two choices:

  • I could cry as much as I wanted about my launch and swear off launching forever…


  • I could look at the data and make changes. 

I started by reviewing my messaging and this looked like coming back to the 3 components of The Bolt 3D Framework – Desire, Demand & Differentiation. Here I’m focusing on DESIRE because this is where the magic lies. 

If you’re a long-time listener of the How I Do Content Podcast, you know I’m always banging on about knowing and deeply understanding your ideal client or customer like they’re your bestie. And with good reason.

Good messaging begins with deeply understanding your ideal client

Because of this understanding and connection with my ideal client, it was clear the changes I needed to make to my messaging, especially for my core offer – my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series.

My focus was on filling my 1:1 spots, so I started by getting clear on who DESIRES 1:1 coaching and how this offer solves a problem they have right now. Notice how I didn’t say I start by creating a Reel to promote my offer or hit up ChatGPT for some content ideas.

I went to the source, the *actual* people who I’m in business to serve, and got clear on what they needed from me and my offer. This is where all good messaging and marketing starts.

Marketing Magic: The Messaging Tweak That Transformed My Business

2 lessons from my market research

1. Copywriting is often the biggest roadblock in small business marketing

One of the biggest challenges my previous clients faced was taking what we discussed on our coaching calls and then actually writing the copy. The sales pages, the signup pages, the launch emails – all the copy and content needed to market your business online. 

To me it’s easy because it’s my jam – but it’s not the case for everyone. 

To see results in your business you actually have to implement your strategy. If you’re not prioritising your copy and content, you’re not prioritising your marketing and ultimately you’ll struggle to make sales consistently.

2. Business owners are spending less

Due to the current economic climate, business owners are not surprisingly being more discerning with how they spend their money.

Yes, they know the value of calling in a support team but they might not have the budget or the reliability of income to be supported by a business coach AND a copywriter or content creator.

This means before they invest in calling in support – that support needs to solve a problem they have and help them move their business forward and achieve their goals. Nice to have kinda investments are not going to fly.  

Knowing these two things gave me the information I needed to level up my brand messaging.

The messaging tweak that changed my business

Of course, adding a done-for-you copy and content service to my 1:1 business coaching series is a pretty valuable addition in itself. It’s something that’s completely different to most 1:1 business coaching offers on the market – it solves a genuine problem my ideal client has and it plays to my strengths.  

Good marketing is more than having a sweet offer

Having a “no-brainer” offer isn’t enough if you don’t know how to market it to your ideal client. As I always say, no one gives a shit about what’s included in your offer – they care how it solves a problem they have and helps them get what they most desire.

Simply talking about my done-for-you copy and content element on its own – wouldn’t be enough. I had to show people why I’m the best wizard to support them.

I started my business as a virtual assistant and social media manager, meaning when I worked with clients, I became part of their team. Over the years my skill set has grown and evolved.

When I say I’m a biz wizard this means I know my shit when it comes to:

  • Business, marketing, and launch strategy
  • Creating offers that sell
  • World-class messaging 
  • Magical copy + content 
  • Choosing the right tech for your business
  • Selling the shit out of your offer
  • Setting up business, marketing and launch systems and processes to make your life easier

… And I know how to implement all of these business spells from start to finish.

Your average business coach might not have this skill set and THIS is my point of difference.

My messaging shifted from business coach to collaborative partner 

Instead of positioning myself as a business coach who coaches you on what to do, I started to position myself as a multi-skilled biz wizard. I’m someone who joins your team as a collaborative marketing partner. A coach who can guide you on strategy but also get my hands dirty helping you to implement it.

Since I implemented this simple but new way of messaging 6 months ago –  I’ve consistently called in Beyoncé-level clients even when I’m not actively selling my Biz Wizard Series. 

2 steps to nailing your business messaging

If you want to attract premium clients consistently you need to deeply understand them and be able to answer the following two questions (in-depth):

1. What are your ideal clients currently navigating / feeling / experiencing right now?
What comes up for them when they think about [insert your zone of genius]?

2. How do your ideal clients want to feel? 
If they could wave a magic wand, what would their life / biz look like when it comes to [insert your zone of genius]?

When you know this, then you can craft your messaging and marketing.

Key areas to highlight in your marketing and messaging

  • How your ideal clients feel right now – what they’re experiencing, feeling, navigating
  • What their life could look like based on where they want to be –  what they really desire, what they’re dreaming of
  • How your offer helps them go from where they are right now to where they want to be. 
  • Why YOU are the person to support them to get there

Simply sharing the features of your offer and the benefit of purchasing your offer isn’t enough anymore. 

Any muggle business coach can share “why you should invest in a business coach”. If you want your ideal clients to deeply desire to work with you – give them a good bloody reason why they should invest their money in your offer. 

Your messaging is what sets you apart

You aren’t the same as every other Harry, Ron and Hermione doing the same thing as you – make sure it hits the spot for your ideal clients or customers. 

Marketing strategy and support for your business in 2024

If you want to lock in a Marketing + Messaging Partner for your business in 2024 – my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series is for you. 

I only take on limited 1:1 clients at a time, so if you want to lock in your spot for 2024 – book a call and let’s chat!

Marketing Magic: The Messaging Tweak That Transformed My Business

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