5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

My 5-Step Guide to Planning an Epic 2024 in Business

Here we are – the fourth quarter of 2023 and just weeks away from the end of another year. A year that for many small businesses has been challenging, to say the least – myself included (but more on that later).

If you’re stumbling across this feeling burnt out and like you’re limping to the finish line… I know the thought of thinking about business strategy for next year is probably not your idea of a good time right now.

BUT if you want things to change in 2024 – you need to take some time to prepare and plan for the year ahead BEFORE you shut down operations for the year. 

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I walk you through my simple and powerful yearly planning process. Before I close my laptop and switch off over the Christmas / New Year period to rest and recharge – I ALWAYS make sure I set aside some time to do this. 

It only takes around 30 to 60 minutes AND is the best way to get a head start on success (with less overwhelm and stress) in 2024. By doing this now, you can dive straight into creating magic in your business in the new year without feeling like you’re already behind.

Let’s get planning!

My 5-Step Guide to Planning an Epic 2024 in Business

Step 1: Reflect on the past 12 months

For the love of dogs, DON’T SKIP THIS STEP.

Yes, I know 2023 might not have gone exactly as you hoped, but 2024 will continue on the same way if you don’t reflect on what’s transpired over the past 12 months and decide what you want to take with you into 2024 and what you want to leave behind in 2023. Otherwise you’re taking it ALL with you – the good and the bad. Rules are rules! 

Plus, I absolutely know that by doing this you’ll actually discover you created a whole lot of magic this year that needs to be celebrated!

Questions to answer to help you reflect on the last year in business

  • Which parts of your business light you the fuck up?
  • Which parts of your business feel a little out of alignment?
  • What are you most proud of this year?
  • What do you desire more of in 2024?
  • What do you desire less of in 2024?
  • What’s been your biggest lesson in 2023?
  • How do you feel about everything that’s occurred this year?

…I’ll be sharing some of my 2023 reflections in next week’s final episode for this year – so stay tuned!

Step 2: Determine your business goals for 2024

Based on your 2023 reflections – what desires, dreams or visions are you bringing to life in the upcoming year? 

Of course, you’ll also have specific goals for your marketing, your launches and your sales – but this is more about strategic goals overall for your business.

Picture yourself 12 months from now 

What do you want to have transpired in that time?

Does this look like:

  • Cutting down the time you work to 25 hours per week
  • Hiring a VA for 10 hours a month to support you in your business
  • To make 6-figures + in your business 

I encourage you to pick a revenue goal. It gives you something to work towards AND helps you choose your specific marketing, launch and sales goals too.

Your goals will help you choose your word of the year

I decided 2023 was to be my Leader Era – the year I fully owned and embodied the leader in me. I’ll share more about that next week too!

Step 3: Review your offer suite 

With your revenue goal in mind for 2024 – it’s time to look at your offer suite. What offers do you currently have in your business? With those offers – what will it take for you to reach your goals?

This will help you identify:

  1. If your current offer suite allows you to reach your revenue goal
  2. If it doesn’t – where the potential opportunities for new offers are
  3. And where the potential opportunities for even more growth on top of your revenue goal are

2024 might be the year you diversify your income streams and add some new offers and ways of generating more cash flow into the mix.

OR it might be the year you refine and optimise your current offer suite.

Don’t go adding new offers for the sake of it

Remember that anything you create in your business (offers included) needs to be something that your ideal clients or customers need and are willing to pay for.

Review your current pricing

Is it time for you to increase those prices? If it is time for a price increase in 2024 – it’s a good time to tell your community about it and give them an incentive to buy from you before the price increase comes into effect. 

Social Bolt offers for 2024

In my business,  my focus in 2024 will be my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series and then running The Money-Making Marketing Kickstarter at the beginning and end of the year. Make sure you jump on the waitlist now if you’re in for the first round coming early 2024. 

I also have a Messaging-specific program in the pipeline for mid-2024 – you’ll obviously be the first to find out when I have all the details.

For me, 2024 is about simplicity as well as refining and optimising my current business model.

Step 4: Map out your 2024 launch plan 

I OF COURSE 1000% recommend having an idea of when you will launch or relaunch your offers throughout the year. 

The key to making life and business easier is to plan ahead!

Looking at the year ahead and mapping out: 

  • Any planned holidays and time off
  • Launches – the offers you plan to launch and how many times you want to launch them 
  • Your capacity (the days / how many hours a week you want to work)
  • Sales / special offer periods 

Of course, you won’t know all of the specific details and yes, things might change, but it’s better than flying blind and forever feeling like you’re making shit up!

Mapping out your 2024 launch plan helps you forecast when money is coming in, what content to create for marketing campaigns and ultimately be really intentional with what you’re creating and promoting in your business – one of my FAVE things about launching. 

In my business, I plan on having fewer planned launches as my focus is on consistently filling my pipeline with Beyonce-level 1:1 clients. But because many of my clients have launch model businesses – I’ll still be putting my launch spells to good use! 

Step 5: Build your support team

During the previous steps you’ve identified opportunities for growth in your business – so now you want to create a wish list of investments. This could look like courses, masterminds or business coaches you want to invest in during 2024… Or the things you want to outsource in your business. 

If you don’t have anything specifically in mind, start to think about the areas in your business you want to learn more about or call in more support for, and start your list. It’s funny that when you start to think about this, the universe will present you with what you need – so keep an eye out.

There are lots of amazing options for support out there and this time of the year is the perfect time to go shopping or at least start the wheels in motion. 

Just because you can do everything in your business –  doesn’t mean you should

The fastest way to get overwhelmed and burnt out as small business owners is to try and be a superhero and do everything year after year. 

You don’t have to outsource everything in your business immediately – but use your 2023 reflections and your 2024 goals to figure out where you can be more supported by potential team members.

Don’t wait to outsource only when you’re ‘making more money’

If you keep saying “I’ll hire a business coach or VA or copywriter when I have more money or more time” – you’re missing the point.

Waiting is actually costing you time and money. Don’t wait until you’re so overwhelmed and burnt out to call in support. Because then it’s actually going to cost you even more time and money. 

A little time planning now means a lot more profit potential in 2024

There you have it – my potent and powerful planning process to set you up for success (with less overwhelm and stress) in 2024. I hope you now have a clearer idea of what 2024 holds for you and your business!

And look, I know at this time of year it can be tempting to completely check out for the year and mentally start sipping margis by the pool… “2024 You” can think about it, right?!

But I always feel a huge mental load is lifted when I do a little bit of planning before I shut the laptop for the festive season. The decisions you make today are the seeds you plant that bloom in the new year. 

If working with Ned & I in 2024 is something you’ve been thinking about…

Now is the time to reach out and start the conversation. I’m making some changes to my 1:1 series and prices will be going up in 2024 so let’s chat so you can lock in your spot at the current pricing. 

Find out more here.

My 5-Step Guide to Planning an Epic 2024 in Business

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