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My Unique Coaching, Copywriting & Content Creation Solution to Boost Your Small Business

Wands at the ready wizard – I’m about to cast the Revelio spell and take you behind the scenes of what it’s like when Ned, Maggie & myself join your team as Your Head of Marketing. 

Over the last 6 months, I’ve made some intentional changes to my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series. It started with some messaging tweaks that changed everything and then this became the catalyst for changes to the make-up of this offer. 


Not your ‘ordinary’ business coaching package

It’s safe to say this offer has completely transformed my business and how I support my clients. 

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I gave you an insight into how I work with my clients within this offer, why I’ve chosen to do it this way and how it serves my clients.

I’m sharing a BTS of my new marketing offer for 2 reasons:

1. If you’ve considered working with me

Because it’s helpful to know what you can expect. This offer is different to your average “business coaching” series – I’ve created something really unique and I’ve done this really intentionally. 

2. To serve as inspiration for your own services

This is to inspire you to think outside the box of everyone else in your industry and create an offer that’s super desirable to your community. Because that’s where the magic lies.

My Unique Coaching, Copywriting & Content Creation Solution to Boost Your Small Business

Coach, copywriter and content creator in one

Think of me as part Biz Wizard and part Minister of Marketing Magic.

To translate for the muggles – not only do I mentor you on your overall business and marketing strategy but I support you with the implementation too. I’m not afraid to put my wand to work for you! 

Strategy requires action to be successful

I join your team as a collaborative marketing partner. The reason is you wear a lot of hats as a business owner and if you’re investing in coaching to help you grow your business you want to make sure you’re actually implementing the strategy too. Otherwise, you won’t see results. 

I get a 360-degree view of your business and you get a skilled biz wizard as part of your team – minus the price tag of a business coach, a copywriter and a content wizard…just to name a few.

On our 1:1 calls, we’re working TOGETHER to flesh out the details of your overall business and marketing strategy. 

A 1:1 call might look like:

  • Mapping out your overall strategy for the next 90 days in your business – the offer you’re selling your messaging, your marketing activities, content ideas 
  • Diving into a specific element of your strategy – such as an upcoming masterclass, your launch content or creating an in-demand offer to attract Beyonce-level clients
  • Me asking you a whole load of questions to clarify and refine your messaging so I can turn that into long-lasting sales-generating assets for your business such as sales pages, launch emails and lead magnets. 

When I look at my clients calls from this week – they varied from:

  • Our first call together and getting clear on our main priority – in this case a tiered membership to build out their recurring revenue without taking on more 1:1 clients 
  • To looking at launch data and planning out the next phase of their launch including messaging shifts and content ideas to get people moving 
  • To a Magic Messaging Session where we spend 90 minutes drilling down into the 4 essential elements of your messaging so you (and I) know the most impactful way to show their ideal client why they need them and their offer in their life right now. 

At the end of these calls – you have action items and so do I. 

Not only am I taking notes during our call, I also get a transcription using Fathom because there’s always nuggets of goblin gold in there for us to turn into content or messaging. 

I then create tasks on my to-do list straight from my notes in Click Up which I’ve recently moved to from Asana and am loving! So when I say I’m all up in your business – I fucking mean it!

Support to *actually* implement strategy in your small business

After our call ends, I’m not sitting back sipping margaritas until our next call…

I put my wand to work for you – writing strategic and sales-generating copy such as sales pages, sign up pages and launch emails (you know, the stuff you dread!). 

I’ve been involved in hundreds of launches and written more sign up pages, sales pages and launch emails than I can even count. All I know is the copy and content I’ve written has helped my clients hit $10k, $20k, $30k, $40k, $50k launches (and everything in between!)…

And I’ve done the same for myself – writing 99% of the copy and content in my business. 

Your average business coach doesn’t have this skill set and THIS is my point of difference. 

For example, this week I’ve supported my clients with:

  • A sales page for their upcoming launch
  • Launch emails for their upcoming launch
  • A sales page for a new offer
  • A sign-up page for a new lead magnet
  • A sign-up page for an upcoming challenge 

I’m creating assets that can be used on repeat to call in clients and cash. PLUS I’m giving my clients the space they need to focus on things like having sales conversations behind the scenes or showing up on stories to sell their offer. 

Your small biz pop-up marketing team

You get high-level access to me AND my team. And no, I’m not just talking about Ned & Maggie as your Barketing Manager & Barketing Intern.

This is something I actually haven’t shared publicly until now but it’s something I felt called to add because it really means you get that full 360-degree view across your business.In the new and improved Biz Wizard Series you also receive:

  • An in-depth marketing audit to highlight opportunities to uplevel and refine your messaging and marketing strategy
  • A systems audit with my OBM Bec to simplifying, optimising and refining your systems so you can make sure you’re working smarter not harder 

When you work with me I want you to think BIG PICTURE – so you’re not just focusing on the right here, right now…but building a sustainable business that grows year after year. Making sure ALL elements of your business (including your systems and processes) support that growth.

When I start working with my clients, they often come to me because they’re ready to level up but up until this point, they’ve been “winging it” a little and feeling overwhelmed by ALL of the things. We work together to level up all aspects of your business! 

Who do I work with?

I work with wizards in all different industries and niches – I don’t only work with business coaches.

From lawyers to insurance brokers to naturopaths to Chinese Medicine Practitioners to Mindset Coaches to Bookkeepers to Virtual Assistants to Therapists…

When I work with my clients we create a simplified (and 100% personalised) business strategy that feels good AND makes you sirius money.

Each and every element of this Biz Wizard Series has been curated with YOU in mind – no two strategies look the same! 

How to hire me as Chief Biz Wizard & Head of Marketing for your business 

If you’re ready to experience ALL the magic that comes from having a Chief Biz Wizard & Head of Marketing in your business – my 1:1 Biz Wizard Series is for you. 

I only take on limited 1:1 clients at a time, so if you want to lock in your spot – book a call and let’s chat!

My Unique Coaching, Copywriting & Content Creation Solution to Boost Your Small Business

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