5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

My Social Media Content Challenge.

In December I issued my followers a social media content challenge. A powerful and simple content creation hack to get them working smarter, not harder during the crazy festive season.

It wasn’t a hard challenge and it would guarantee them at least 3 weeks of social media content ready to go. 

I mean who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

The genius was in the simplicity. By simply following these steps:

1️⃣ Go to your insights

2️⃣ Find your 9 best performing posts for the year (look at saves / shares / comments)

3️⃣ Change the photo, make a couple of tweaks to the caption (if you want to)

And there you have it 3 weeks of content ready to go! A way to repurpose the magic content you have already spent time crafting. 

It is that easy. No need to overthink it.

I decided to test my theory and take part in the challenge, because why the hell not?!

So the results for my social media content challenge are…*drumroll please*

Post 1:


The pink sneaker post is from December and the pink door post is from November.

Post 2:

The pink wall post is from December and the pink balloons post is from July.

Post 3:


The reindeer post is from December and the pink flowers post is from August.

Post 4:


The pizza post is from December and the pink sunset post is from August.

Now with that in mind, do the results from my social media content challenge surprise, shock or impress you? All of the posts performed as well, if not better than the original post and 3 of them were essentially a copy and paste job.

Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself a break and a quick win if you knew the end result would be this?

Here are 5 reasons why repurposing your content is not only impactful but it’s also smart. The reality is that:

  1. You don’t know what stage each follower is at of their buyer journey. They might be a new follower and that might be the post that captures their attention and gets them to buy from you! 
  2. The nature of social media is that no sooner have you spent all your time crafting a magic post, that it disappears into the black hole that is social media. Why not increase the lifespan of your content for maximum impact?
  3. It is highly unlikely that anyone (unless they are your #1 fan / your mum) has read all your posts.
  4. You can’t tell if someone uses the exact same caption on first glance of their feed…can you?
  5. Good content is good content.

I really hope the results from my social media content challenge get you thinking about how you can strategically create content that not only connects, but converts. Repurposing content for the win!


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