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Strategy Isn’t a Dirty Word with Ellie Swift

I’m Hermione-at-exam-time level excited because I have THE most magical guest to share with you today.

A woman who’s had the biggest impact on my business (and my life) and who makes it to the top of my gratitude list time and time again.

And when I decided to launch a podcast…

There was only ever one person who came to mind when I was thinking about my first guest…

I am, of course, talking about my business coach and friend Ellie Swift.

I cannot overstate the impact she’s had on my business and my life so much that I’ve been able to build and grow my business to the point where I now have this podcast.

I often thank past-Tahryn for being brave enough to go all in and make that decision to invest in myself and my business with Ellie by my side. 

Ellie’s knowledge on all things business, marketing and mindset is Dumbledore level wizard.

In this episode, Ellie and I discuss why strategy ISN’T a dirty word.

I could quite literally talk to her for hours and hours…so believe me when I say this won’t be the last time Ellie appears on the podcast! 


Let me officially introduce you to Ellie..

If you haven’t met Ellie before – she’s a Marketing & Mindset Coach for high-performing women who are ready to build heart-driven, intentional and abundant online businesses.

Using her signature Swift Marketing Method, Ellie helps service-based business owners connect with their customers, shine online, and create life-changing results (for both themselves & their clients).

I’ve been a long time Ellie Swift Stan…she’s been in my life before The Social Bolt existed and every day since I went full time in my business.

Ellie has been my business coach since Day 1. She coached me 1:1 before I joined her Swift Marketing Mastermind almost 2 years ago. And since then I’ve continued on into her Swift Inner Circle Program. 

I’m a #swiftieforlife 


Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️ Why an empowered and nurturing customer journey is good for you and your clients

⚡️ The importance of this customer journey in helping you to create content that connects AND converts

⚡️ That strategy IS NOT a dirty word and it definitely DOESN’T mean you gotta use bro marketing tactics

⚡️ What the content creation process looks like for a million dollar business

Connect with Ellie Swift

?  Instagram: @elliehswift

?  Website: www.ellieswift.com

?  Podcast – Shine Online with Ellie Swift: https://ellieswift.com/podcast/ 

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