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The Importance of Connecting to Your Why with Amee Triscari

I have a fire-cracker of a guest to share with you today.   One of the key people in my support crew who has helped me get the fuck out of my own way so I can show up as me and share all the goods with you.

She is part hype-girl, part velvet sledge hammer…  I am of course talking about Amee Triscari. 

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting either Amee or myself…our relationship probably makes zero sense to you – we are complete opposites!

The introvert and the extrovert.

The summer-hater and the summer-lover

The Pisces and the Aries

But that’s what makes us work so well together too!

We’ve been there together through the ups and the downs of this ride we call business life…and everyone could do with a little Amee-fire in their life.  Which is why I wanted to get her on the How I Do Content Podcast – to give you the ultimate pep talk. 

In today’s episode we chat about one of the most important parts of creating content – that has nothing to do with actually creating content – the importance of connecting to your why

So prepare for a spectacular show!

Let me officially introduce you to Amee


Amee is a Life + Biz Strategist, whose idea of a good time involves beer, the beach, hanging out with her little sidekick Havana and empowering YOU to create a business that supports your dream life.

Her superpower is seeing you…all of you…especially the parts that you’re too scared to even acknowledge are there.

This helps you bring what makes YOU magic to the surface so you can sprinkle this in all the content you create. 

She usually comes in like a wrecking ball…but the impact she’ll have on you is a game-changer.  She’s also one of the Guest Professors inside the School of Content Wizardry and her guest masterclass will leave you feeling lit up and aligned AF. 


Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of How I Do Content

  • The importance of connecting to your WHY in business
  • How knowing this helps you bring out what makes you magic AND speak to your community in a way that gets them to throw money at you.
  • The reason why you hide, keep yourself small and not put yourself out there – and the negative impact it’s having on your business.
  • Why it’s time to fuck off the “shoulds” and get out of your own way.

Connect with Amee Triscari 


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