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The Power of Desire: Messaging and Marketing that Sells

If you want people to buy from you – you need to give them a reason to.

That might seem obvious… but it often blows my mind how many people think simply having a “no-brainer” offer is good enough, and that all they’ll need to do is sit back and wait for people to come to them.

This is a BIG mistake so many business owners make because they lose sight of WHY people buy.

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I want to share what you actually need to do to get people to buy from you.


First, let’s bust some myths… 

When you’re faced with a bit of a sales dry spell, and it feels like all your dream clients have turned into ghosts…

It can be tempting to start spiralling and thinking the reason your offer isn’t selling is because:

  • The market is too saturated (it’s not)
  • No one is spending money right now (Taylor Swift says hi 👋🏻)
  • Mercury is in Gatorade (it’s not – I checked)
  • There’s something missing from your offer (there’s probably not)

But it’s usually none of the reasons above #sorrynotsorry.

I want you to get honest with yourself for a moment wizard – have you actually given your ideal clients a compelling reason to buy your offer? 

I’m talking about a compelling reason for THEM (not you). 


Have you tapped into the most powerful connection point in your messaging + marketing? 

Marketing is 100% psychology – to be good at it, you have to understand people on a deeper level. 

The problem is that most business owners market using surface-level messaging, which will make your offer and your marketing start to sound like everyone else’s.

Instead of your offer being something your ideal clients and customers MUST HAVE – it’s not even a consideration for them.

It’s the businesses that tap into their ideal clients’ desires and what they really want that create those in-demand, sell-out offers.

The Power of Desire: Messaging and Marketing that Sells

The Power of Desire

Your ideal clients buy from you not because of what your offer is…

Your ideal clients buy from you because of how your offer helps them solve a problem they currently have, or moves them towards what they most desire. 

I want you to take a moment to think about what YOU desire in your life + business.

  • How does that make you feel?
  • What would you do to make that a reality?

It’s no longer enough to sell the vibes or fluffy promises or unclear outcomes.

You need to deeply understand your ideal client (what they’re currently navigating, experiencing, and feeling) and what they desire if you want to make consistent sales in your business.

You can get so caught up in the details of what’s included in your offer, and that you need to make sales from this offer to grow your business… that you sometimes forget about the person on the other side of the transaction.

They’re human and they have desires they want fulfilled – and it’s these desires that drive their purchase decisions. 

If you can tap into desire – you’ll always make sales in your business.

How to use desire to get people to actually buy from you

ANYONE can talk about helping you achieve a 6-figure year…
Or feel like your happiest and healthiest self…
Or have more time to do what you love…

But WHY do clients and customers want this?

What does it mean for them to have this?
What is the underlying desire driving them?

For example – I want to make more money because I want to buy a house for Ned, Maggie + I. And I want a bit of lawn so Maggie can do her zoom zooms in the backyard. And, as a single dog mum of 2, I have to do it on my own.

So yes, I want to make more money, but the desire is a little deeper.

When I’m looking for a solution to this problem – I want to know HOW your offer gets me closer to what I desire.

People are buying your offer to fill a gap or solve a need that’s relevant to their desires. 

It’s up to YOU to highlight this gap in your ideal client’s mind and share what they need to establish, learn, shift, or adapt to help them go from their current state to somewhere they desire to be.

You need to communicate:

  • Why buy this offer
  • Why buy from you 
  • Why buy now

And you need to frame it in unique ways, otherwise you might get stuck in the friendzone. Here, your community might engage and support you… but never feel pulled to buy.

You need to spark their DESIRE TO ACT. 

  • What are they currently dealing with?
  • Why is it coming up for them?
  • Which methods might they have tried that haven’t been successful?
  • What are they ultimately looking into to reach their goals and desires?

Your ideal client needs to tangibly understand what problem you solve for them and how that gets them moving towards what they desire. 

To do this, I want you to:

1. Identify your ideal client’s problems + desires

  • “I want [result]”
  • “I worry about [problem]”

2. Create content that solves their problems and guides them to their desires

  • How to get [desired result]
  • The reason why you have [problem]

The way you get people to actually buy from you is to use your messaging and marketing to speak to what they desire AND spark them into action. 

To do this, you need to deeply understand your ideal clients and what drives them to make their purchase decisions. 

When you do this – you’ll have an audience of humans who are ready and excited to buy from you. 

The Power of Desire: Messaging and Marketing that Sells

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