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Wizard Spotlight: The Road to Body Acceptance with Lucy-Anne Lewis

Today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast is utterly fabulous!

She’s one of my favourite humans and a game changer in her space.

I’m talking about Lucy-Anne Lewis.

Lucy is a fat babe, a rebel and a body acceptance coach.


body acceptance with lucy-anne lewis

Let me officially introduce you to Lucy 

Lucy is a lady of many talents. 

??   She’s both a qualified counsellor and a qualified life coach. 

 ??  She’s anti-diet and pro self-love. 

And it’s her mission to help women accept their bodies so that they can be more confident and live their joy.

Because after spending far too much of her life trying to change her body, and being afraid to take up space in the world, she thought she might try accepting it instead, and it changed her life.

Lucy no longer spends time worrying about her body, instead she follows her joy every single day – There is nothing wrong with her body…

And she wants you to know that there is nothing wrong with your body either!

In a society that’s always telling you that there’s something wrong with your body – body acceptance is a radical act and Lucy’s here for it! 

The way you talk to, and about your body is important. It matters.

The language you use, matters.

body acceptance episode 13 how i do content podcast

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️  Lucy’s journey to body acceptance and how you can change your relationship with your body today

⚡️  That there’s nothing wrong with your body and why it’s time to embrace radical body acceptance 

⚡️  Why you need to STOP apologising and START living your joy

Connect with Lucy-Anne

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