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The Secret To Sales Page Brilliance With Miish Grixti

My first interaction with this wizard was seeing a post she shared on Insta with the quote “Does your inner creative sound more like Snape or Fred & George?”

So OF COURSE we became biz besties!  She’s the best copywriter in the world…*big call I know* but I’m just stating the facts…

I am of course talking about Miish Grixti.


If you’ve ever wondered how I know how to write such magic copy…well, Magic Miish is the answer!


Together over the last 12 months we’ve created just shy of TEN different sales pages.

Miish has taught me how to craft sales pages that connect with my reader AND convert into sales.

So in today’s episode we’re talking all things sales pages and Miish shares some absolute game-changing nuggets of wisdom to help you create a sales page that gives your ideal clients a full body fork yes to working with you!

Sales page brilliance – right this way – you’re going to love this!




Let me officially introduce you to Miish…

Miish is a copywriter and internationally certified coach. Along with crafting the works for her clients (sales pages, emails, landing pages, quizzes), she supports coaches and creatives to show up as themselves in their words, and use psychology-driven copy to make their clients feel seen, heard, and truly understood.

She not only coaches me…but she’s worked with some of the very best…*cough Ellie Swift*…*cough Tracey Spencer*.

Her idea of a good time is writing sales pages…so prepare for all her secrets when it comes to creating sales page brilliance!


Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️ The importance of having a sales page – above and beyond making sales.

⚡️  How to create a sales page that gives your ideal clients a full body fork yes to working with you!

⚡️ The difference between ‘ok’ copy…and the kind that makes your dream clients say, ‘WHOA, it’s like you’re in my head!’?


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