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Why You Need to Sell To Stand Out (Even as an Introvert)

Pop Quiz Time

What do I think when I see people sharing their offer (aka selling)?

Is it…

  1. A) You go Glen Coco
  2. B) Sheesh I wish they’d STFU
  3. C) Dog they’re so annoying and salesy
  4. D) Absolutely nothing 

The answer is – ALWAYS A or D

The only person thinking B or C is YOU – which means you need to heal your relationship with selling.

Because you’re in BUSINESS – and if you’re not selling in some way every single day, then is it really a business?

And put it this way — if you have something that helps people or solves a problem they have…

It’s a bit rude if you don’t tell them about it, right?

Now I also know selling is something that can feel a little scary and overwhelming when you’re worried about being annoying and sounding salesy.

And if you’re an introvert, the thought of trying to be more extroverted to make sales is immediately no.

But selling is non-negotiable as a business owner and to stand out to your soulmate clients you gotta sell my friend.

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m sharing 3 ways to make selling easier so you can sell powerfully and stand out to your soulmate clients even as an introvert.

So first up you gotta…

sell to stand out

Nail your messaging

I can’t say this enough – your messaging quite literally does the heavy lifting for you.

When you nail your messaging and make it SO clear that YOU are the person to work with –  your soulmate clients will come into any sales conversation with you already being a fuck yes to working with you.

It’s not magic – it’s messaging!

When you know how to craft unique messaging you stand out to your soulmate clients like Hagrid amongst a sea of first year students…

AND you’ll attract the type of clients who are excited to pay you!

This is how I’ve built my business. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me “I love your message and everything you create – I want to work with you”.

It sure makes those sales conversations so much easier!

So how do you nail your messaging?

It comes down to down to being clear on TWO things – the WHO & the YOU

WHO you’re in business to serve AND why YOU are the wizard to support them aka your unique blend of magic

And sprinkling that shit EVERYWHERE in your messaging!

Then the way that you solidify this messaging it to:

  1. Be consistent in your messaging – stop updating your fucking IG bio or changing your messaging every 5 minutes. Pick your key messages and give them a chance to stick 
  2. Remember that it’s ok to repeat yourself – in fact you 100% should. Because repeating yourself actually means building authority and becoming a thought leader in your space. I’ve continuously talked about content and launching and therefore have become known as the content and launch wizard.  
  3. If you’re not repurposing your key messages across multiple channels you’re doing it wrong. Multiple channels means multiple opportunities for you to attract and sell to your soulmate clients without putting pressure on Instagram to be the breadwinner. Because as I’ve talked about on repeat – marketing does not mean only Instagram. And if in 2022 it’s your only marketing strategy – change that immediately. 

The next thing you can do to sell powerfully as an introvert is to…

Embrace your introverted superpower – LISTENING!

You don’t need to be extroverted to be great at sales – you just need to be a great listener.

It’s as simple as that.

My gift as an introvert is that I’m an amazing listener and I mirror back that information to people.

I love having sales conversations because the majority of the time I’m having powerful 1:1 conversations where I’m asking questions and getting the information I need to support them to make an empowered decision.

Listen to learn and THEN respond.

Introverts are pros at deeply listening to others – so use that when it comes to selling.

Don’t go into sales conversations worrying about “the pitch” or how you’re going to close the sale.

Selling powerfully as an introvert comes down to – LISTENING, asking questions, meeting people where they’re at, and selling them what they need.

I go into every single sales conversation with the same goal – to listen first and then sell.

And here’s the thing – when you are super clear on your messaging and who you’re in business to serve – that also makes selling so much easier because you know what cues to look out for and how to respond because everything you do is always connected to that.

Ok the final thing you can do to sell powerfully as an introvert is to…

Set yourself up for success!


When you’re prepared it removes so much fucking pressure and makes you feel more confident.

Selling is such a pivotal part of being in business, so it makes sense that you want to do whatever it takes to make it easier for you to sell.

This looks like having a plan for how you’ll sell:

  • Through your content
  • On discovery or sales calls
  • In the DMs
  • On lives and masterclasses 

The key word here is INTENTIONAL.

And the way to make anything easier in business is to:

  • Create a process around it
  • Do it again and again

This creates safety and certainty – something that I value as an introvert in business.

You’re not making shit up on the fly and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself when you’re selling. That’s when it can start to feel icky and once you get the icks it’s game over.

No one thrives under pressure so how do you plan to remove that pressure?

For example when I do discovery calls – I send out a pre-call questionnaire to get a feel for what they’re currently struggling with, their goals and what support they want.

This helps me go into that call feeling confident and prepared because I’m not going in blind.

I go into discovery calls, viewing it as an opportunity to learn more about someone from my community. And if I can help them, I’ll invite them to work with me.

And if they say no – well I’ve still got a shitload of data to help inform my content and messaging.

A no is not always a bad thing.

Not every single sales conversation will be a success – and that’s ok.

Just because one person said “no” or you’ve been ghosted 435 times during a launch – it’s not a reason to stop selling.

If you want to call in those Beyonce-level clients – you gotta keep selling.

I’ve been selling in one way or another every day for the past 2 months – I’ve become familiar with the word no and with silence – but I’m not going to stop.

Because I KNOW I can help you.

And as long as the online space is telling people that the way to be successful is to [insert shiny marketing tactic here] or that your unique way of being is wrong – I’ll be here telling them to fuck off and showing you that you’re all kinds of incredible magic exactly as you are. 

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