5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

Your roadmap to generate 5 and 6 figure launches in 2023

As you head full steam towards the end of the year – you naturally begin to think about next year right?

I’m definitely already thinking ahead to what 2023 will look like for my business and of course that includes my launches – what offers I’ll be launching, when I’ll be launching them and what kinda prep work I need to start moving on now.

And you might be thinking “it’s only October Tahryn, WHAT THE FUCK?!”

But when you think about it – you want to:

  • Be wrapped up for the year around mid-December
  • Take some time off or at least reduce your hours for the festive season. 
  • And then if you have kids and you’re in Australia, then there are school holidays.

Before you know it’s February 2023 and you’re only beginning to get back into the swing of things.

Because when you get to the end of this year you want to actually take some time off to rest and recharge – instead of worrying about all the things you need to do in your business in 2023. 

So that’s why you want to start doing a bit of forward planning for your launches in 2023 now.

All this to say – you need a repeatable launch roadmap to help you generate those 5 and 6 figure launches in 2023. 

And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you on today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast.

This is your 5 step roadmap to planning your 2023 launches and what you need to consider before you hit that launch button.

I LOVE A PLANNING MOMENT – So let’s begin!

launch roadmap the social bolt

Step 1 on your launch roadmap – Strategy

Did you think I was going to start with anything other than strategy? I THINK NOT!

Your launch strategy guides EVERYTHING you do during your launch period.

Can we please stop winging launches?

Because it’s these launches that are thrown together overnight, pushed out on a whim to generate some quick cash with zero planning or forward thought – that are giving launching a bad name.

The reasons your launches suck and are stressful AF is because you don’t have a strategy.

You’re setting yourself up to fail when you don’t have a strategy.

6 and 7-figure business owners don’t wing their launches.

Their launches have:

  • A purpose
  • A goal
  • A step-by-step plan
  • A timeline
  • A launch pipeline 

And so should yours!

When you have a launch strategy it not only helps to keep you on track, but it also removes a whole heap of stress trying to figure out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Your strategy underpins every single thing you do – so if you don’t have one – why the fuck not?

Ok, the next step on your launch roadmap is…

Step 2 on your launch roadmap – Messaging

The best launches include world class messaging.

Messaging that speaks to the soul of your ideal clients and makes them want to work with you.

Your messaging comes BEFORE choosing what content to create.

It’s the essence of your offer and how to communicate it through your content.

You don’t say you’re going to create some Reels for your launch and then decide what the topic will be.

And this is a HUGE mistake I see so many business owners make when they launch.

They don’t know how to tell their community about their offer and why they should buy it, in different ways other than the features or what’s included.

If I had to pinpoint the ONE THING I do in my launches that generates clients every single time – it’s my messaging.

It’s how I:

  • Speak to where my ideal client are at right now – what they’re experiencing, feeling, navigating
  • Paint a picture of what their life could look like based on where they want to be – what they really desire, what they’re dreaming of
  • Tell them how my offer helps them go from where they are right now to where they want to be 
  • Showcase why I am are the person to support them to get there

I’d much rather have my community tell me that they felt something when they consume my content over being impressed by how amazing my Reels are.

You need to identify your unique position in the market and how you communicate your unique blend of magic with your ideal clients if you want to generate epic launch results.

When you’re clear on your messaging then you can progress to the next step of your launch roadmap which is…

Step 3 on your launch roadmap – Content

Without content, you don’t have a launch.

And no, putting your offer on your website and crossing your fingers and hoping people will magically find it without you having to say anything – is NOT a launch.

Just as posting once on social media about your offer or repeatedly sharing the same Canva graphics on your Insta stories for your entire cart open period – is NOT going to cut it.

AND if you wait until the cart opens to start sharing content, talking about and promoting your offer to your audience – you’ve left it wayyyyyyy too late.

If you’re not sharing content consistently right now (and for the love of dogs this doesn’t mean posting every day) but come launch time you’ll be invisible to your ideal clients.

All of this highlights the importance of having a launch strategy and your messaging mapped out in the first place so you’re not winging it when it comes to your content.

Because your content plays a HUGE role in communicating to your audience why your offer is for them and why you are the person they should trust with their investment.⁠

You need to be visible AF to your ideal clients (through your content) and let me give you the hot tip – using social media alone for your launches – NOT going to cut it.

Make sure you have at least ONE other marketing channel to share your launch content. I always recommend email marketing.

So you need a way to be visible across multiple channels WITHOUT multiplying the amount of content you need to create.

And this is why you also need a content repurposing strategy for your launches.

The sheer amount of content needed for a launch to cut through the noise can be overwhelming AF if you’re not repurposing your content effectively.

So leveraging your visibility so you get in front of as many eyeballs as possible, grow your community and nurture those leads so they’re ready and waiting to buy from you every time you launch.

Ok next step on your launch roadmap is one that is so fucking obvious but also has the most resistance come launch time and that’s 

Step 4 on your launch roadmap – Selling!

Yes, believe it or not…

To sell your offers you gotta sell your offers – so tell your people how they can buy from you and do it more than once.

Don’t shy away from selling the shit out of your offer because you’re afraid of annoying people or coming across as salesy.


There’s no sugar-coating it or shying away from it – you’re in business, you want to make money, you’ve gotta sell your offers. 

And honestly if you have a strategy, world-class messaging and consistently share stand-out content – it makes selling your offer a fuckload easier.

It’s all connected and works together like a well-oiled launch machine.

And while I’m at it with the honest to dog truths – you WILL have people unsubscribe, unfollow, say no or ghost you during your launch period. I’ve never had a launch where this didn’t happen.

Selling is an essential function of your business and the more you do it the easier it becomes! 

Now the final step of your launch roadmap is to…

Step 5 on your launch roadmap – Review & Repeat!

How often do you finish a launch, and fall in a heap because you’re so exhausted that you forget to do your post-launch review?

72% of my Instagram fam don’t do a post-launch review because they either don’t know how to do one or they always forget.

When you don’t review your launch you’re missing out on an opportunity to make your life easier for your next launch. Each launch gets easier when you make it a priority to learn from it!

So you want to review your launch to see what worked and what didn’t so you can make tweaks and improvements for your next launch.

Things you should look at from your launch include:

  • Sales (who they are, where they came from, how they found you, why they signed up)
  • Leads (who they are, why they didn’t sign up, what were their objections, are they a potential new client in the future?)
  • Community Growth – how did your launch grow your community
  • Content (which content performed well, which content lead to sales, which content missed the mark, which content do you need to create in the lead up to your next launch to continue warming your audience up)
  • The sales process (how did it perform – is there room for improvements?)
  • Your backend systems and processes (do you need more support or a new tool / process / system for the next launch?)
  • Your overall plan (what worked well and what didn’t? how did it feel? what do you never want to do again?)

There’s many different elements of a launch and you want to make sure each piece is working well to ensure the success of future launches. The data you gain from your post-launch review can inform decisions for your next launch.

I’ve never gone into a launch NOT making changes from the last launch because there’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

It’s the things you do outside of the open cart period that have the biggest impact on the success of your launches.

And then once you’ve reviewed your launch – launch again and again and again.

Having a repeatable launch roadmap that you use for every single launch is how you generate 5 and 6-figure launches consistently.

You don’t want to start any launch from scratch or completely making shit up as you go because that’s the fastest way to burn yourself out.

The magic you see on the front end is actually the result of the work you do behind the scenes, in between your launches.

It’s the process that allows the magic to happen.

A process that you refine after launching again and again.

THIS is what sets you up for success.

And if you’re planning to launch in 2023 and want to create a repeatable launch process that removes the overwhelm around launching and helps you hit your launch goals on repeat…

Alongside someone who knows a thing or two about what it takes to launch and launch successfully – I have created something for YOU.

Introducing the Launch Wizard Intensive Day 

The one-day intensive to create your repeatable launch framework and plan your 5 and 6-Figure Launches for 2023.

This is a done with you offer – you + me + Ned. 

4 sessions across 6 hours to dive into the different launch elements and map out your entire launch framework together.

A framework that you can replicate for all your future launches.

Yes! We map out your launch strategy, messaging, content and sales plan for one of your offers together.

PLUS you’ll also receive access to some of my favourite launch templates AND you can submit your sales page and launch emails for copy review within 30 days of your intensive.

Which means your launch process is mapped out and ready for you to hit that launch button in 2023.

This is the exact framework I use in my business. The same process that helped me:

  • Make sales from every single offer i’ve launched 
  • Repeatedly have 5-figure launches
  • Add over $100k of additional revenue to my business

There’s currently 3 spots available at the special launch price. Once they’re gone, the price goes up.

And when you consider you’re creating an asset in your business that you can use to launch again and again for an ongoing ROI of 5 to 6 figures – it’s the most no-brainer price.

I’m taking bookings for intensives in November, December and January.

So run, don’t walk and book your intensive right this way.

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