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Celebrating 150 Episodes: 5 Business Wins and What They’ve Taught Me

Holy flying dementors – it’s Episode 150 of the How I Do Content Podcast!

150 episodes of me sitting down at this microphone, hitting record, and sharing my wizarding wisdom with you. 

Siriusly, it feels like yesterday that I shared episode 1 with you… and now here we are, 149 episodes later – still going strong, and still loving it!

In this 150th episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share 5 of my biggest business wins and lessons. 

My business coach suggested this topic for episode 150 because she thinks I don’t celebrate my wins enough and, look, she’s not wrong. As business owners we don’t celebrate our wins nearly enough – so what better way to force me to do this than a milestone episode of the How I Do Content Podcast?!

Without further ado – my biggest business wins and lessons…

Celebrating 150 Episodes: 5 Business Wins and What They’ve Taught Me

1. Launching a chart-topping podcast 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning, you’ll know I never had ‘start a podcast’ on my vision board.

The decision to launch a podcast 2 years ago was mostly because I was o-v-e-r Instagram, and I wanted to shift my content strategy so it wasn’t so Instagram-focused. And it’s funny to me now because Instagram has only become more shit since then – so I consider this to be a GREAT call on my behalf!

When I launched the podcast, it hit #1 in Australia on the Apple Podcast Marketing charts – in the first week, AND above Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher.

It’s gone on to top the charts in New Zealand, Bulgaria and the Philippines (that I’m aware of) since, which is a little mind-blowing to me! So if you tune in from outside of Australia, thank you so much for being here!

Not only has this podcast become my favourite way to share content and connect with my community – it’s also a great client-generating marketing channel. 

I’ve had many magical humans come into my world via my podcast and end up clients. Some binge-listen to a bunch of episodes and that’s all they need, and others listen for years, taking notes and implementing what I share before they reach out to work with me. Either way is perfect. 

The biggest lesson from launching a podcast

The biggest lesson I want to share with you about having a podcast is… it does require work. It’s not the quickest way to share content, but I believe the impact is worth it. 

You choose your hard – and I’d much rather spend my marketing time on my podcast than on Instagram. 

The way to make it even easier for yourself is to create a process around your podcast schedule. I’ve been able to maintain my weekly podcast schedule for the past 149 episodes because I’ve created a repeatable step-by-step process around it. It helps me turn 1 episode into 5+ pieces of content across multiple marketing channels every single week without spending more time creating content. My consistency with my podcast is unmatched. 

So this is your reminder – if there’s a part of your marketing + content strategy that doesn’t feel great, you can change it. 

2. Taking action, even when it’s scary

I’m going to be honest with you, Wizard…

I find it hard to relate to the whole concept of “waiting for the right time”

  • Waiting to invest in a coach, program or support 
  • Waiting to launch a group program or a new offer
  • Waiting to launch a podcast 

I think this probably has a lot to do with me starting my business in my mid-30s, and previously staying in a job I didn’t enjoy for much longer than I should’ve, because I was waiting for the elusive “right time”. 

It’s because of this that I see things very differently, and I find myself going after things even if I’m shitting my pants at the same time.

And, as a result – I have built a business and brand that many business owners wish they had.

The biggest lesson from taking action even when it’s scary

I hear so many people say, “I wish I could do that”, or use “I’m too scared of fucking up or failing” as a reason to not take action or go after what they really desire. But here’s the thing…

Most of the time, when I do something in my business that’s new or outside of my comfort zone, I’m still shitting myself – BUT it also never stops me from doing the dog damn thing. 

I know that if I want to get to where I want to go – I’ve got to move towards it. 

I can’t sit in fear or wish I could be anyone else.

I take small steps towards my goals every day – even when I’m scared shitless. I focus on my goals and I get to work. I don’t expect things to happen without first laying the foundations and building momentum. 

Because even though I’m a self-proclaimed Biz Wizard – I didn’t wave a magic wand, and 5 years later here I am – no one does.

Stop looking at what other people are doing and focus on you, your goals and what you’re doing to make them happen.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and, before you know it, you’ll look back and be so proud of how far you’ve come.

Just like I am. 

3. Staying committed to my craft, even when others get distracted by shiny shit

You know you’ve been in business a little while when you find yourself saying…

“Remember when…”
Or “back in my day…”

In the last 5 years, I’ve seen a whole lot of trends come and go…

And, sadly, I’ve also seen a whole lot of businesses come and go. 

It’s often the businesses that burst onto the scene and appear to be “killing it” that end up one day totally disappearing off the face of the ‘Gram. 

The reason?

It’s usually because they’ve built a business that isn’t aligned with their desired life and it’s not sustainable in the long term. 

A big part of this comes down to trend-chasing, and forever trying to do MORE to keep up with everyone else. The online space feeds you the lie that, to be successful, you need to constantly do more, scale more, and invest more so you can “blow up your business overnight”. 

I see so many business owners get distracted, and spend their time and energy trying to keep up with all of the new trends and “must-have” business tactics – and when they don’t get instant results, they feel like a failure. 

One of my biggest wins is I’ve always focused on doing business MY way.

I block out the noise of the online space, choose to play to my strengths, and stay true to who I am – not selling out to copy the latest trending tactic. 

The biggest lesson from committing to my craft

There is no fast track to business success, and no magic pill that guarantees results overnight.  

You have to be willing to fail.

To have launches where no one buys.
To run masterclasses where no one shows up live.
To post content that gets minimal engagement. 
To not always smash your goals.

And if you can’t handle all of this (and more) – running a business might not be for you. 

Even though it seems like there’s a competition to see who can crack 10k followers, 10k months, or the 6-figure year the fastest – you’re not Usain Bolt. 

Slow growth is still growth.

Sustainable business practices will always trump the good old shiny object.

Focus on your business foundations FIRST, before chasing after shiny objects. 

Your messaging is the perfect place to start – because if you can’t communicate your point of difference, nothing else matters. 

4. Building a stand-out personal brand

Over the past 5 years, I’ve stayed true to who I am, and built a 6-figure business and stand-out personal brand in doing so.

You know me for Ned, Dogs, Harry Potter, Magic, being an Introvert AND for infusing all of that into business, marketing, content and launching.

This is one of my BIGGEST and BEST business wins. 

It’s the one thing that’s made business so much easier – from building a community of like-minded wizards, to creating content that cuts through (regardless of what an algorithm is doing), to continuing to make sales despite (some very interesting times happening around me). 

It’s not lost on me the fact that I can show up and talk about dogs and Harry Potter most days and have people who love me for it AND want to work with me because of it.  

SPOILER ALERT – this wasn’t an accident.

I intentionally chose to incorporate these things into my business simply because they’re a big part of who I am AND because they bring me so much joy. 

The biggest lesson from building a stand-out personal brand

Business life is easier and more fun when you have a personal brand that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

In an online space that’s inundated with copy-generating robots that spit out a sea of beige and boring content…

The businesses that stand out and make consistent cash are those that embrace and embody their unique blend of magic – aka their personal brand

The ONE thing that sets you apart from every other muggle doing the same thing as you – IS YOU.

It’s no longer enough to simply show up consistently and add value – you gotta leverage your personal brand to make it a truly memorable experience for everyone who comes into contact with you.

This way, when they’re ready to make a purchase decision – you’re top of mind, and top of their wish list!

I get it – it can feel uncomfy to toot your own flute, and put yourself front and centre sometimes… But I also KNOW that a big part of the reason people pay to work with me is because of me and my personal brand – because dog knows there are zillions of other business, marketing and messaging coaches out there. But there’s only one me!

Your customers have to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you. A strong personal brand builds credibility, authority, and trust, so you’re more likely to attract more business.

It guarantees that people will notice and remember your offers, and it also makes it a whole lot easier to sell your offers.

It quite literally pays to be you!

5. Consistent cash, clients and growth

I’ve created consistent growth across the board in my business over the past 5 years.

Every single year…

  • My revenue AND profit has grown 
  • I’ve launched new offers, and made sales from every single offer I’ve launched
  • I’ve consistently shared my magic and seen my community fill with the most magical humans
  • I’ve committed to continual refinement and evolution of every aspect of my business 

I’ve consistently prioritised the long-game business and marketing strategies which so many other people avoid because it’s not as sexy as a quantum leap to 7-figures overnight.

Sure these boring basics might not give you the same excitement rush as seeing Harry Styles in concert BUT you better fucking believe they work – I’m pretty proud of the business I’ve built, nurtured and grown. 

I’ve time and time again seen the impact of my cumulative efforts from the past 5 years and of consistently putting in the work to master my messaging, marketing, sales, processes, and client experience.

The biggest lesson from consistent cash, clients and growth

A sustainable AND profitable business isn’t built on what’s currently “trending” – and, if you create your business and marketing strategy around trends… You’ll always find yourself chasing the next thing when these trends change or stop working – who has time for that?!

The businesses that DO prioritise the boring basics are the businesses that stick around for a long time.

And I plan to be here a long time. 

Here’s to 150 episodes of the How I Do Content Podcast.

Thank you from the bottom of my Ned-loving heart for listening in – whether this is your 1st time listening, or your 150th, I’m so grateful for you being here.

Shout out to Pablo, Emily & Bec for helping me get this podcast out and into the world each and every week – it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Celebrating 150 Episodes: 5 Business Wins and What They’ve Taught Me

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