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3 Things No One Tells You About Launching

I KNOW launching can feel like a big, scary, hairy, beast of a thing…

Especially if you’ve never launched before OR even if you’ve launched before but it didn’t go exactly as you’d hoped…

It’s safe to say it’s enough to scare you SHITLESS.

But launching doesn’t have to be hard.

And I speak from personal experience with close to 30 launches under my belt and bang smack in the middle of one at the time of recording this episode.

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I want to share 3 things that no one tells you about launching.

These are things I’ve learnt along the way – the result of launching a digital product, a coaching series, a group program (multiple times) and a podcast in my own business as well as supporting clients to do the same.

I’ve seen what works and I want to share some key things with you today.

3 Things No One Tells You About Launching

Launches DON’T have to be draining

I’ve been there!

The first time I launched the School of Content Wizardry, I spent the entire launch period on the launch treadmill of death.

This is where I:

  • Obsessed over every single detail
  • Woke up in the middle of the night worried I’d forgot to schedule tomorrow’s email
  • Refreshed my emails to see if anyone had signed up every 5 minutes
  • Stressed that I hadn’t shown up on stories enough and that if I left my desk I’d miss an email or a DM from someone

I felt like I was performing the whole time so it’s totally not surprising that by the time I closed the cart I was exhausted.

I felt like I had to work more to get more sales – but it doesn’t work like that.

And the more I launched the more I quickly worked out how to take the stress out of launching.

It’s important to schedule rest, fun and you time during your launch period because it allows you to show up as the best version of yourself.

For me that looks like booking a float at Clear Mind Studio here in Perth, or going and getting my nails done, catching up with a friend for lunch or watching Harry Potter in the middle of the day.

Always ask yourself – “How can I make this launch as fun and easeful as possible?”

And for the love of dogs don’t forget to rest!

Launching is for everyone

You don’t need to…

  • Have been in business for a certain amount of time 
  • Have a huge email list or social media following
  • Spend thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising
  • Have a big team to support you
  • Use a fancy ass course platform

When I launched the School of Content Wizardry for the very first time I didn’t meet this criteria – but I still launched anway. 

Because despite what you might be thinking…the secret to a successful launch is nothing I’ve just listed.

It’s all about having a SIMPLE & ROCK SOLID LAUNCH PLAN 

A step-by-step framework to reduce overwhelm and set you up for success from start to finish.

When you have that launch plan in place it allows you to listen to, show up for and connect with your community and make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you.⁠⁠

To give them the information they need and to support them to make the best decision for them.

You want to know who your audience is, know what problem your offer solves and be able to communicate it in a way that your audience knows that they need it in their life.

Because if you can’t do this – it won’t matter if you have ten thousand followers or email subscribers – because they won’t buy it. 

The benefits of regular launching

Most people will focus on the amount of money you can make from launching – and yes this is great – but there are other benefits of regular launching too.

Because the more you launch the more:

  • People you’ll reach. People will start telling other people about you, they’ll share your launch content and the social media algorithm will start to show your content to more people in your audience 
  • You’ll grow the number of people in your community – more followers and email subscribers. It’s important to remember that these new followers and subscribers might not be at the purchase decision stage for this launch. But just because they don’t buy from you THIS launch, doesn’t mean they won’t ever buy from you.
  • And you’ll build your brand and authority as the go-to source of information in your industry

All because you’re showing up consistently and regularly. 

And as it is with anything – the more you do something, the more confident you become.

The more you launch the less scary it’ll feel and ultimately this will make your future launches even easier.

But you gotta put yourself out there first!

I’ve been there.

And I know that with a little guidance, a plan of attack and a dash of confidence – you too can launch your magic into the world.

So if you’re ready to stop feeling scared shitless and instead launch with confidence…

Join Become a Launch Wizard. 

I’m sharing my entire knowledge of launching with you – simplified into 4 easy to action weeks. 

This is my step-by-step launch framework as well as every template you could possibly need for a launch including:

  • Launch Email templates
  • Sales page templates
  • My Asana launch project template
  • Scripts for selling on IG stories
  • Daily launch checklist
  • My social media repurposing guide 

As well as some EPIC bonuses.

You’ll get access to everything you need to launch with confidence – without having to launch 30 times or figure it out yourself.

So if you’re ready to launch your magic into the world – Ned & I would love for you to join us.

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If you have any other questions – please reach out and let’s chat. Send me a DM over on Instagram at @thesocialbolt

I can’t wait to guide you to launch with confidence – whether it’s your first launch or your 50th.

3 Things No One Tells You About Launching

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