5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

5 things I wouldn’t do as a business owner in 2023

So you’ve just survived the 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday tsunami – how you feeling? More importantly, how’s your inbox feeling?

I have to admit this year’s Black Friday activity shocked me. A couple of years ago it wasn’t really a thing here in Australia – very few businesses ran sales. And then this year, it went up a notch or 100. It seemed like every Harry, Ron & Hermione on the internet had some kind of offer.

Now I actually enjoy observing how businesses sell and consumers shop these sales and make purchase decisions. My favourite (+best) class at uni was consumer behaviour and, as an introvert, I naturally am quite observant.

I’ve observed a lot in the online space over the past 3 years and this year’s Black Friday period got me thinking even more.

I’ve noticed some patterns and things I keep witnessing, and I really want to shake people and tell them “for the love of dogs – PLEASE STOP!”

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m going to share 5 things I wouldn’t do as a business owner.

Again – welcome to my brain! 

And, before I get started, I want you to know that I don’t share this to shame you if you do any of these things. I understand as a business owner (and as a human) you’re juggling quite a few things (scratch that – many, many things) and you might not even be aware you’re making these mistakes.

I also want to share some alternatives to these mistakes, because it’s all about growing and evolving right?

Ok let’s do this – so the first thing I wouldn’t do as a business owner is…

5 things I wouldn’t do as a business owner

Only create content for social media

Time and time again I see biz owners spending ALL THEIR DAMN TIME creating content ONLY for social media.

Creating content for a platform that in 2022 has been all over the fucking shop. It has this power over biz owners – they hate it and dread spending time on it BUT they also feel like they have no other option.

So let me give it to you straight up…

Marketing is NOT only social media

Content is NOT only social media

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (for the rest of my life) – YOU DON’T OWN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS. 

Old mate Zuckerberg does.

So you’re building your entire marketing strategy on borrowed and shaky AF ground.

A content and marketing strategy 100% focused on social media is not smart and not sustainable. 

And anyone who tells you they built their entire business using only social media and recommends you should too is quite frankly irresponsible.

I’m so tired of the narrative that social media is the only way to grow your business or that if you don’t create Reels your business will suck.

I teach content creation but I would NEVER recommend this. And if you come across anyone that does – RUN the other way. 

You need to embrace multi-channel marketing to make sure you’re getting in front of your ideal clients and you’re not leaving that in the hands of Instagram.

In 2022, I’ve noticed more biz owners starting to move away from Instagram and I’m hoping this continues in 2023.

And before you say “oh but I don’t have time to create MORE content, Tahryn” – well that segues nicely into the second thing I wouldn’t do as a business owner and that is…

Create single-use content

Another thing I’m super passionate about – and will continue to repeat again and again. 

If you’re not repurposing your content: you’re doing it wrong. 

It’s in your best interests if you repurpose your content and spread it across your different marketing channels.

When I release my weekly podcast episode the email + social media post that go out are EXACTLY THE SAME. 

And throughout the year I will often copy + paste captions from old posts and turn them into new posts or podcast episodes. 

There’s no such thing as single-use content in my business.

And before you say “oh but Tahryn, someone will notice if I repurpose an old post or they’ll get bored of me repeating myself” – NO THEY WON’T!

No one is paying attention that closely to what you do. It’s helpful to remember that people have lives outside of social media. They’re not sitting on their phones 24/7 refreshing the feed, waiting for your new posts. 

And even if they were:

  • The Instagram algorithm means it’s pretty hard to see absolutely every single thing you post – especially during a time like Black Friday when all I pretty much saw were ads, suggested posts and hashtag recommendations
  • Just because someone follows you on social media, doesn’t mean they’re on your email list

You’re potentially leaving out people who need what you’re offering all because you’re afraid someone will notice you posted about the same topic multiple times.

I literally give zero fucks. This podcast episode is repurposed from an Instagram Live! 

And if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll notice these 5 things I’m telling you aren’t anything ground-breaking or new. I’ve said them multiple times.

But in doing so, I’ve built a stand-out brand that people know, like and trust – AND REMEMBER. 

And that has directly resulted in money consistently flowing into my business. 

So for the love of dogs PLEASE repurpose your content – December & January is the PERFECT time to repurpose your content – you can thank me later!

Ok onto the 3rd thing I wouldn’t do as a business owner and that’s…

Use Copy + Paste Templates

I said what I said.

Do we really need…

  • Another exact copy of the same reel over and over and over again?
  • The same basic AF tips that have been regurgitated by every other Harry, Ron & Hermione in your industry?
  • Bland, boring and beige copy that Ned could’ve written?

The answer is NO.

This is the fastest way to blend into the same sameness out there and sound like every other Harry, Ron & Hermione on the internet.

I cringe when I see the words “copy + paste templates” or “steal my…” because it’s not unique to you or your business or your ideal clients.

Examples and guidance is fine – but copy + paste is deleting all traces of you out of what you’re creating. 

And if a business coach is telling you to copy + paste their strategy — RUN 🏃🏼‍♀️

Of course, take inspiration BUT DON’T COPY – put your own unique spin on what you’re creating.

The shortcut is NOT always the best option.

Sure it might save you time, but you’re not going to stand out online, you won’t attract those Beyonce-level clients and you’ll probably end up hating what you’re doing.

The best type of business strategy is one that is personalised to you.

Just as the best marketing strategy is to be yourself.

Ok onto the 4th thing I would never do as a biz owner and that’s…


Yeah, it’s a no from me.

How many times can I say this?! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And not only that but you’re making your life SO MUCH HARDER than it needs to be.

If you want your business to grow in the most profitable and sustainable way you need to stop being so reactive and caught up in the right here and right now in your business, and instead start being more proactive.

Zoom the fuck out and give yourself the gift of space and time. 

Yes, it’s great to feel into things – but also have some intention and purpose behind the decisions you’re making and the actions you’re taking in your business.

Don’t wake up today and decide to launch a new offer tomorrow.

Don’t let a post that bombs or a handful of unsubscribes be the reason you stop creating content

Don’t stop sharing your offers just because you haven’t made a zillion sales from one mention of it.

I never create anything in my business just for the sake of it. There’s a purpose and intention behind everything I do – which means I’m not getting caught up in shiny shit or things that don’t really matter.

Have a plan.

Stick to the plan.

Review the plan.

Make changes to the plan.

And then go again. 

Make decisions based on your big-picture business vision and that your future self will thank you for.

Ok onto the final thing I wouldn’t do as a biz owner…

Launch & Ghost

I saw a lot of businesses who I haven’t seen for a while pop up in my feed or inbox thanks to Black Friday.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a Black Friday sale. It’s that they get in this cycle of ALL IN promoting, and then disappear off the face of the earth the moment Black Friday is over, only to reappear the next time they’re launching an offer.

The way to make sales during your launches comes down to what you do in between your launches. 

Your launch doesn’t start the moment you proclaim “doors open”.

And it doesn’t end the moment you close the doors.

It’s all about everything you do in between.

The biz owners who have 5 and 6-figure launches are the ones that:

  • Have an ongoing lead generation and nurture strategy
  • Build a waitlist
  • Sell behind the scenes in between their launches
  • Continue to speak about their offer even when they’re not launching

They don’t launch and then ghost their community until the next time they launch.

Now that’s a sure-fire way to hear crickets when you launch (and piss people off)!

So CONSISTENTLY showing up between your launches and sharing content that nurtures your community. Then when it does come time to proclaim “doors open” you have people lined up and ready to buy from you. 

Ok so there you have it – 5 things I wouldn’t do as a business owner.

As I mentioned at the start of this episode, I don’t share these to shame you – it’s about helping you learn the lessons and get better so you can grow your business profitably and sustainably.

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5 things I wouldn’t do as a business owner

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