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How Energy Practices led to a 5-figure Launch with Maree Eddings

In February 2021 I began the third launch of The School of Content Wizardry full of confidence.

This was a program that I’d poured my heart and soul into and I was well prepared ahead of the launch.

But by the time the cart closed…I’d crashed hard. The big goals and the high hopes that I had at the start of the launch disappeared and I found myself doubting EVERYTHING.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hit me hard.

But it wasn’t too long before it was time to launch again…

And the lingering doubts and fears from my last launch came bubbling to the surface.

A big part of launching is having the right energy so I knew I needed to work through these thoughts and move that old energy from my previous launch.

Enter Energy Magician – Maree Eddings.

Maree is also one of my absolute favourite humans. Her energy is infectious and when you’re in her presence you can’t help but feel lit the fuck up.

I went to her after that launch seeking her help and using her magical techniques she re-programed those old doubts and beliefs and replaced them with more empowering and helpful thoughts.

And in June 2021 I had my biggest launch ever.

The work Maree & I did before and during my launch helped me stay connected with my energy and magnetise magical clients throughout my launch.


how energy practices led to a 5 figure launch

Let me officially introduce you to Maree 

Maree is an Energy Sensitive, Change Leader and Energy Healer who is on a mission to expand the energy consciousness of the world through her training programs Divine Leaders of Change Sistermind and The Energy Academy.

She is the host of the podcast Divine Leaders of Change and her aim is for us to ask and ponder the following three questions:

  • What if you were never conditioned with a Patriarchal mindset, structure or system?
  • Who would you be instead?
  • And now that we are here how do we lead our way out of it?

She wants to contribute to the world and help womxn rise up to their energy consciousness so that they too can hold their power in any situation and in any room and as a result shift that paradigm that we all experience.

I’ve uncovered the power of energy work as part of my launch toolkit so in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast – Maree will be sharing all her energy secrets and the energy practices she recommends that’ll support you to have your own successful launch.

Maree has also created Your Ultimate Energy Launch Checklist which is one of the EPIC bonuses as part of my Become a Launch Wizard program.

She is the bloody best and I’m so excited to share her magic with you!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content


  • What energy is and how women can use it to step into their power and hold it in any situation and in any room
  • Why energy is such an important part of launching
  • Maree’s favourite launch energy practices to support you to launch with success

Connect with Maree

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  • Find out more at https://mareeeddings.com/

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