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How to Create an In-Demand Offer in 3 Simple Steps

What’s an in-demand offer?

A couple of weeks ago I launched my 90-minute intensive ‘How to Create a Money-Making Personal Brand’ sessions – and they quite literally flew out the door on their Nimbus 2000 broomstick.

My goal was to sell 10 intensives at the special launch price of $299 – and I hit that goal in a week!

I didn’t even get a chance to share some of the amazing content I had planned – so this was a very simple, low-key launch.

Now, this also wasn’t a fluke.

This is the third time I’ve launched 90-minute intensives at this price point and is a pivotal element in my strategy for $10K+ months in business. This is also the third time I’ve sold them out – each time quicker than the last. 

Want to know how to create an in-demand offer? Good, because you’re in the right place!

How to Create an In-Demand Offer in 3 Simple Steps

My 3-step approach for creating an in-demand offer that sells

1. Get crystal clear on what problem you solve

Understanding your ideal client or customer is THE most important thing when creating anything in your business. 

If you want your offer to sell out – you gotta understand the person who is going to buy said offer.

Things like:

  • What makes them tick?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What are they currently feeling / experiencing / navigating in their life and business?

This is not surface level either. It’s a deep understanding of the person who is going to hand over their hard-earned dollars to you in exchange for something that solves a problem they have or makes their life and/or business better.

It’s also not something that always remains the same.  You need to be plugged into your community and listen to what they’re telling you (as well as what they’re not telling you).

If you don’t know what your audience is currently feeling / experiencing / navigating in their life and business – go and find out. Ask them, listen, observe, and then use this information to craft an offer that supports them.

Ask your audience what they actually need help with

When I was mapping out the plan for my intensive – the first question I asked myself was “what am I hearing from my community right now?”

What they were telling me was they were finding it difficult to stand out online. They felt like their content and their offers weren’t being seen by their community and therefore they weren’t getting the sales they wanted.

This information right here should be front and centre when you’re creating an offer you want to make sales from.  

The harsh reality is that if your offer doesn’t sell, you need to get clear on – is it something your people really desire? Or is it something you think they desire?


2. Make your offer irresistible

So, now you know what your ideal clients or customers are currently feeling / experiencing / navigating in their life and business, the next step is to create an offer that solves a problem they have or makes their life and/or business better.

Focus on the transformation your product or service will provide your clients

You need to emphasise the benefits of your offer and how it will solve their problem.  For example: It’s a 90-minute Zoom call to get crystal clear on your money-making personal brand and how to harness it to get fully booked and make consistent $10 – $20k months in your business.

It speaks to the outcome of the intensive AND the benefit of this outcome in a way that’s compelling and desirable.

Note: Pricing is important

Yes, I know pricing is one of those things that can feel a little sticky. It’s also something that’s different for each person. Pricing, though, can be what makes or breaks the offer for your potential customers. 

4 questions to help with pricing your online offer

  1. Where does this offer sit in my offer suite, and what’s its purpose?
  2. What price would be a full-body fuck yes for my ideal client?
  3. What price would be a full-body fuck yes for me to deliver the offer?
  4. Am I factoring in my time and expertise, and what’s included?

I then usually pick a price and ask myself one final question – “If one person signed up for this offer at this price – would I feel excited to deliver it?” It’s a pretty powerful question and it’s something I always ask my clients before they decide on the price of their offer.

I launched my intensives at $299, and while it’s definitely underpriced for what it is and the value delivered – the price felt really good to me. There wasn’t any resistance to it.

Offer incentives and reward customers who take action

There are people out there who will hit “buy now” faster than Harry chasing the Golden Snitch if you give them a reason to.  For my intensives, the price was an incentive in itself, as well as the fact I kept the numbers capped at 10. 

Now, there are people out there who think creating urgency in your marketing is like being on Team Voldemort – and, of course, it can be if your intention is not from the right place. However, I know sometimes I need a reason to take action! I’m that person who either responds to a message in 2.5 seconds or 2.5 weeks (or even months). I definitely appreciate prompts to take action (aka buy the thing). 

There are lots of people out there who make their purchase decisions the same way. So, create an incentive for them to buy from you right now!


3. Identify and communicate your unique selling point (a.k.a USP)

What’s the unique selling point of your offer that makes it different from all other offers like it on the market? On the surface level, my intensive is a 90-minute Zoom call with 1 week of Voxer support. It could be described as a basic bitch offer at its core, but my messaging highlighted the transformation for my clients.

Refine your marketing messaging

The way I created differentiation of this intensive came down to my marketing messaging. I didn’t just market it as a 90-minute coaching call where you could come and ask me anything about business. Because that’s not specific or desirable enough for my ideal clients. It also doesn’t stand out from all the other 90-minute coaching calls run by other business coaches out there.

As I mentioned at the start of this episode, this is the third time I’ve launched 90-minute intensives at this price point. So what was the difference?

Examples of my last 3 sold-out packages:

  • Intensive #1: Your 5-figure Launch Plan
  • Intensive #2: Create Your 6-figure Offer
  • Intensive #3: How to Create a Money-Making Personal Brand

As you can see – I chose a very specific problem and a very specific outcome for these intensives. You need to highlight what makes your offer unique and different from what’s already out there.

That’s why differentiation in your marketing messaging elevates your business to the next level – you’re not out there doing what everyone else is doing.

You’re utilising messaging that speaks to your ideal clients and gets them to take action (aka buy from you). This helps you cut through the noise and stand out online (and sell out your offers).

Commonly, the messaging businesses use in their marketing is too vague and fluffy and blends into all the other messaging out there. It’s my mission to make messaging great again!


Get help from an expert to help your offer stand out

I can speak to this process again and again, because it’s exactly what I did to create and market these 90-minute intensives – and sell them out not once, but three times.

If you have yourself a brilliant offer but struggle to make sales, then working with an expert can seriously help you to stand out.

If you want to create desire, demand and differentiation in your business and for your offers – I have a limited number of spots for my 1:1 business coaching.

Head to Instagram @thesocialbolt and let’s chat about how I can support you, or book a call if you want to know more.

How to Create an In-Demand Offer in 3 Simple Steps

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