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Your Offer Doesn’t Suck, Your Messaging Does

Now, this is potentially controversial…but it needs to be said!

The reason your offer isn’t selling is NOT because:

  • Your offer sucks or you haven’t included enough bonuses
  • You haven’t created Reels with immaculate transitions and trending audio
  • You’ve shared about it too much and pissed people off

I’ve lost count of the number of business owners who spiral because their offer isn’t selling and immediately blame the algorithm, the universe, the recession, their competitors, the full moon…

And the result? You:

  • Add MORE stuff to your offer – stuff your ideal client doesn’t really need
  • Re-create a viral Reel from another business owner – because if it worked for them, it’ll work for you, right?! 
  • Stop sharing your offer, delete Instagram and ghost all potential buyers because you don’t want to annoy people – a surefire way for people NOT to buy your offer if you ask me

All of this is a touch over-dramatic, don’t you think?

Especially when the real reason your offer isn’t selling is ACTUALLY that your messaging is shit #sorrynotsorry

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m sharing some tips to help you improve your messaging so you don’t burn everything to the ground next time your offer isn’t selling.

Sounds good? Let’s do this!

Your Offer Doesn’t Suck, Your Messaging Does

So what is messaging?

The message you communicate to your customers and clients consistently through

  • Your personal brand 
  • Your offers 

It’s more than just the words you use – it’s also the feelings and emotions associated with what you’re saying.

It’s how you connect with your ideal clients and customers and highlight the value of your business, brand and your offers.

Information that ultimately supports your ideal clients and customers to make an empowered purchase decision.⁠

Why is messaging important?

⁠Messaging underpins EVERYTHING.

Your messaging comes BEFORE choosing what content to create. It’s the essence of your offer and how to communicate it through your content. Your content is the vehicle for your messaging.

The key to content that performs well (regardless of the format it’s delivered in) is messaging.

I, hand on my Ned-loving heart, believe the reason I’ve had success in my business comes down to my messaging. 

The reason I’ve been able to transition from virtual assistant and social media manager to content creator to content coach to business coach and make sales at every stage is because of my messaging.

The reason I don’t have to do Reels – is my messaging. 

It also helps make your entire content creation process EASIER. Because your content is a direct result of your messaging. 

It mirrors your messaging and removes the pressure of trying to figure out “what to create”?

I NEVER EVER struggle to come up with content ideas because my messaging fuels my content.

Think about how many marketing messages you consume each and every single day.⁠

Your offer needs to stand out to the right people AND move them from first learning about your offer to hit that buy now button.⁠

How to get clear on your messaging

There are 4 core elements of messaging:

  • Understanding how your ideal clients feel right now – what they’re experiencing, feeling, and navigating. What comes up for them when they think about [insert your zone of genius]
  • Painting a picture of what their life could look like based on where they want to be –  what they really desire, what they’re dreaming of. If they could wave a magic wand what would their life / biz look like when it comes to [insert your zone of genius]
  • Telling them how your offer helps them go from where they are right now to where they want to be. The ultimate transformation or promise of your offer.
  • Showcase why YOU are the person to support them to get there. What is your unique blend of magic?

These elements highlight as always, the importance of knowing WHO your offers are for…

But above and beyond the surface-level demographics crap (women aged 25-50 who are mothers). You need to know them like they’re your best friend.

So take this as your sign to get to know and understand them better – if you want to sell your offers and actually make sales – focus on them.

Now let me give you an example of…

Messaging in action

But before I do – please know that my messaging and what I’m sharing with you here is a result of 3+ years of actively working on my messaging.

Of regularly checking in with my community and my soulmate clients. 

Of developing my own unique messaging. 

This is not a one-and-done kinda thing AND it takes time.

Whenever I’m coming into a launch or creating a new offer I take the time to get clear on my messaging FIRST. 

And then I constantly test, review and tweak my messaging. 

So let’s use my program Become a Launch Wizard as an example.

  • How do my ideal clients feel right now about launching? They’re scared shitless. They look at everyone else launching with confidence and wish they could do that too. They’re stuck in the fear of putting their offer (and themselves) out there and hearing crickets. So launching sits on the back burner for another day when they feel “ready”

  • What could their life look like if they knew how to launch or were launching regularly? Creating greater impact in their community and changing the lives of their ideal clients because they’ve put their offer out into the world and people are actually buying. They’re actually growing their community consistently without having to rely on old mate Zuckerberg and his bloody algorithm. And they’re increasing sales and revenue and taking their biz to the next level. 
  • How does Become a Launch Wizard help them go from where they are right now to where they want to be? It gives them a step-by-step process from being scared shitless to launching with confidence. A process that they can repeat again and again. Launch after launch. They get access to everything they need to launch their offer into the world minus the overwhelm of figuring it out for themselves through trial and error. 
  • Why am I the person to support them to get there? I’ve been involved in 70+ launches. I’ve launched everything from digital products to online programs to 1:1 coaching to podcasts to done-for-you offers to one-day intensives to masterminds – AND I’ve made sales from every single offer I’ve launched. 

Do you see how I didn’t mention a single thing about how many calls or pre-recorded modules are involved?

Your next step is to brainstorm content ideas based on these 4 elements.

Do this by asking yourself – what do they need to know now?

What do my ideal clients need to know about launching? Well…

  • Launches don’t have to be overwhelming or draining → how to make launches fun and easeful or 5 ways to make launching less stressful
  • The benefits of regular launching → 3 benefits of regular launching or how I added $100k of additional revenue thanks to launching
  • Launching is for everyone → The #1 secret to a successful launch or 3 signs you’re ready to launch

See what I did there?

And I could literally keep coming up with content ideas over and over again.

Messaging makes content creation AND selling easier.

So the next time your offer isn’t selling and you’re tempted to throw in a couple more bonuses for good measure or replicate a viral Reel or swear off selling forever…

I want you to think of Ned & I telling you – YOUR MESSAGING MATTERS WIZARD. 

Put down the matches and look at your messaging #yourewelcome

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Your Offer Doesn’t Suck, Your Messaging Does

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