5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

How to embrace your unique blend of magic & reach your first 10k month with Chayla Taylor

A $10k month is often one of the first goals you set when you start your business.

And if you’ve hit a $10k month before, you’ll know how exciting it feels when you reach it for the first time. I can still remember my first $10k month and, honestly, I still feel excited when I hit $10k months.

And if you’re yet to reach that milestone, do not worry because today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast recently hit her first $10k month, and is going to share how she did it!

Today I’m talking to my amazing client & friend, Chayla Taylor.

first $10k month

Let me officially introduce you to Chayla

Chayla is a photographer – but this label doesn’t even come close to describing this magical human.

In her own words, she’s a fat, feminist photographer based in Perth Western Australia with 15 years of experience behind the camera – but that’s not what sets her apart.

She’s a posing expert and will have you looking (and feeling) your most fabulous self.

She’s passionate about body positivity, fat acceptance, neurodivergent advocacy and self-love.

She’s a creative genius and I’m always blown away by the ideas and themes she dreams up for her photoshoots and the results are always a knockout.

Chayla also has the most infectious laugh (which you will soon hear) and working with her is always a fun and hilarious experience, full of genuine warmth.

I’m lucky to have witnessed her incredible growth in the past 18 months. 

She’s taken her business from inconsistent bookings and revenue to consistently booking out her photoshoots and also hitting her first 10k month – all while being proudly too much and sparkling and giggling her way through it. 

In today’s episode, we dive into how she has embraced her unique blend of magic & in doing so created an incredible business that is uniquely Chayla.

You’ll love Chayla as much as I do, I just know it! 

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • How Chayla has embraced her unique blend of magic to create a business that’s uniquely Chayla
  • Chayla’s favourite things about being a photographer, and how she channels her creativity to dream up magical photoshoot themes
  • What you should focus on to reach your first (or next) $10k month in 2023

Connect with Chayla Taylor

How to embrace your unique blend of magic & reach your first 10k month with Chayla Taylor

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