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How to generate consistent monthly revenue through launching

There’s an increasing number of conversations right now in the online space around generating monthly recurring revenue vs launching.

These conversations are trying to pit them against each other in a UFC title fight to be crowned “business model of the world.”

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast – I’m putting my hand up to defend launching.

I’m about to bust some myths and perceptions out there about launching and to give you some insight into how to generate consistent monthly revenue through launching.

generate consistent monthly revenue through launching

What is launching?

I KNOW that there’s this perception that launching is some big, scary, hairy, beast of a thing.

The word “launching” is enough to strike fear into the heart’s of business owners across the world…

BUT when you strip it back – launching is basically marketing and selling with a fancy bow.

Think about it – you come up with an idea for an offer, you map it out, you get excited about it, you prepare it, and you put it out into the world, you tell people about it and they buy it.

 But really – everything you create and share in the online space you do through launching.

Launching in its simplest form is a step-by-step plan to take you from idea to creation to launch and beyond.⁠⁠

A launch isn’t just for a one off course either. It can be for:

  • An online program
  • A workshop
  • A digital product
  • A physical product
  • 1:1 coaching
  • An open mastermind
  • A closed mastermind. 

And it also doesn’t have to be for paid products either.

It’s a process that you can use for literally anything in your business and when you truly understand it and how you can use it to build consistent monthly revenue in your business – that removes the fear around it.

The perception around launching

Launching gets a bad rap. It’s the misunderstood middle child.

The conversation right now in the online space is around the importance of generating monthly recurring revenue (aka consistent income that you can count on to come in each month – for example, ongoing client work) and I for one agree with this – it IS important.

I have a baseline in my business through monthly recurring revenue AND then my launches stack on top of that – and that’s the way I’ve taken my business to the next income level.

Everything changed in my business the moment I added launching into the mix. It allowed me to earn more money, impact more people, all while working less and having more fun!

Not to mention it has helped me grow my community and the connections and conversations I have with them. But that’s a story for another day because today’s episode is about money.

Launching supports you with both your consistent monthly revenue AND income stacking on top of that.

It’s never as simple as one or the other – it’s both. And I would never advise my clients or you to drop all your monthly recurring revenue for launching – because that would be crazy right?!

Launching doesn’t have to mean:

  • Exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Less freedom
  • Rollercoaster revenue

And you can build an easeful and abundant business WITH launching.

It’s my mission to show you that launching doesn’t have to be scary or push you to the brink of burnout.

Launching with a regulated nervous system

My first launch of the School of Content Wizardry was such a big eye opener for me and it’s shaped how I launch now and how I support and teach my clients to do the same.

Launching doesn’t have to be go go go and showing up 24/7 – there can be ease and flow in your launches but #spoileralert to get to that point you need more masculine structures like a process and a plan to achieve that.

Having a launch process and plan helps you maintain a regulated nervous system during your launch – so that’s why knowing how to launch properly is so important here.

This means you’re not afraid of launching or viewing it from the lens of “this big scary thing” that is all consuming and exhausting. I love to reframe launching as a way of connecting deeply with your community and inviting them on a journey with you.

And the way I see it – the more I launch, the better I launch, the more regulated my nervous system is.

So this is why I love having a process that I can repeat again and again, launch after launch so that each launch gets EASIER AND EASIER.

Don’t feed into the fear mongering around launching – because YOU get to choose what launching looks and feels like for you and your unique business. 

Ok now for some examples of HOW you can generate consistent monthly revenue through launching

Create consistent monthly revenue through launching

The most obvious is to offer payment plans for your offers – obviously if you have lower ticket offers this might not be possible.

Now this speaks nicely to my next point which is to have a suite of offers. Offers at different price points that your clients and customers can funnel through so they can continue to work with you in different containers.

So think about your customer journey and how you can retain clients – because being able to continue your relationship with your clients and customers is easier and way more cost effective than trying to find new clients or customers every time.

In my business – once someone signs up for one offer, they usually go on to sign up for other offers and experiences too. I pride myself on going deep with my clients and being a constant in their life and business. It’s the same way I am with my coach.

You can also create VIP upgrades for your offers that include higher touch experiences such as 1:1 coaching.

A launch isn’t one and done. You might close the cart, but you can still be building a waitlist in between launches. This means you’re continuing to attract potential clients and customers, so that when you launch that offer again you have those hot as Harry Styles leads ready to buy from you. You should always be filling your pipeline or sales funnels with leads.

And on top of that there are no rules that say you can’t sign people up behind the scenes in between launches using a deposit to lock in the current price.

When it comes to your business you should ALWAYS think big picture strategy. Where do your launches fit in and how are they generating consistent monthly revenue?

At the start of each year I sit down and map out my launch calendar so I know how often and when I’ll be launching. That determines where my focus will be and if there are any gaps in order for me to reach my income goals.

Launching is INTENTIONAL 

You choose when and how you launch. And my advice to you is to…

Learn how to launch properly so you can do it with confidence

Which is exactly why I created Become a Launch Wizard.

This is your step by step process from scared shitless to launching with confidence.

When you know how to launch properly – launching is a really amazing tool for your business that supports you to share your magical offers with your community AND call in soulmate clients and customers.

Because I KNOW you have magical offers that will transform the lives of your clients and customers – but right now launching feels too overwhelming and scary.

It’s my mission to bust this perception about launching.

Doors are now open. When you sign up before Tuesday 24th May you receive instant access to the learning modules AND save $200 off the full price of the program.

Ned & I would LOVE for you to join us. To find out more click here.

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How to generate consistent monthly revenue through launching

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