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How to Showcase Your Unique Magic so Your Business Stands Out

If you’re a long-time listener of the podcast, you’ll know there are 2 things I’m not a big fan of: copy + paste templates and Reels.

The reason I’m not a fan is because these 2 things have a HUGE impact on what’s shared in the online space and how people show up online. So often people consciously or subconsciously try to “fit in” by emulating what other people are doing. You try to replicate someone else’s strategy or create content a certain way because that’s what everyone else is doing and it’s working for them – so you want that too. Seems like a smart option right? 


If you want your small business to stand out online you must be willing to show up as yourself

Here’s the thing, doing something just because every Harry, Ron & Hermione on the internet is doing it – is NEVER a good business strategy.⁠ Because when you do that – you dilute your unique blend of magic and instead blend into the same sameness out there. Your offers, your messaging, your marketing, your content – looks and sounds exactly like everyone else…

You start to have less originality than Gilderoy Lockhart and you become invisible to your soulmate clients.⁠ 

Here’s the honest-to-dog truth – the competition for the attention of your ideal clients or customers is FIERCE. It’s never been more important than now to stand out online if you want to attract, engage and convert your soulmate clients.

In this episode of the podcast, I share what you can do right now to create differentiation in your messaging. This is something that’s missing from a lot of people’s marketing and it’s THE thing that can make the biggest difference to helping you stand out online.

How to Showcase Your Unique Magic So Your Business Stands Out From The Rest

3 marketing tips to infuse more of YOU into your brand and elevate your small business from the rest

1. Stop hiding behind copy & paste marketing templates

Instead of trying to “steal” someone else’s 6-figure strategy…Or copy that trending Reel for the 100th time… What about…I don’t know…being yourself?

The best marketing strategy out there isn’t what you might think it is. The way you stand out online and magnetise your soulmate clients has a shitload to do with YOU.

  • The difference between your content and everyone else’s content is YOU.
  • The difference between your offers and everyone else’s offers is YOU.
  • The difference between your business and everyone else’s business is…you guessed it…YOU 

And every time you conceal what makes you magic you’re basically draping an invisibility cloak across your shoulders and making it impossible for your people to find you.

What unique blend of magic can you weave into your messaging and marketing?

This isn’t about creating something new and never-before-seen before because most of what you see shared in the online space – isn’t completely original. This is about adding your unique blend of magic to what you’re creating – not copying every single detail from someone else. There are people out there who, I swear to dog, are carbon clones of each other (and their coach) and I can’t tell the difference. 

Be brave enough to be one of a kind and bring YOU into whatever you’re creating.


2. Share your experiences and be seen as a contributor to your industry 

Something you might not know about me is I don’t actually listen to a lot of podcasts. I also don’t read many business books. I’ve also had the same coach for over 4 years. I’m not hugely externally influenced so my thoughts and perspectives are mine. This isn’t to say I don’t listen to others or tap into other external sources of information – the difference is, I know when to switch it off. I’m intentional with what I consume and who I choose to learn from.

What I find to be true, is that a lot of people lose their sense of self because they put other people on a pedestal above them. They begin to compare themselves to those people and question themselves. And then they don’t share their thoughts and perspectives about their industry and what they do. So what happens? Everyone starts saying the same fucking thing. We start seeing the same messaging and content replicated again and again. And it becomes boring

What’s your spicy take on your industry or the thing that everyone is thinking but not willing to say? 

Of course, always bring it back to your ideal client or customer – is sharing this helpful and valuable to them? Don’t be afraid to have a different opinion and share your unique perspective. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You gotta start flexing that self-trust muscle and sharing your thoughts! 

3. Showcase what makes you stand out from others in your niche

Because at the end of the day, there’s a zillion other [insert what you do here]. There are a zillion other business coaches so it’s on me to show my community why they should pick me over other business coaches. #sorrynotsorry it doesn’t matter if you hate it – you have to talk about yourself! 

And there are 2 levels to this:

  • What you’ve created for yourself in your life or business
  • How you’ve supported your clients to get the results they most desire 

How do you do things differently to everyone else doing the same thing as you? 

What’s your secret spell for getting epic results (for both you and your clients)? Your messaging and marketing isn’t the place to be humble. If you don’t think you’re different and unique and you don’t truly own what you’ve created and supported your clients to do, you won’t market yourself in a way that’s different and unique. And you’ll end up blending into the sea of same, same-ness in the online space. The result? You won’t consistently attract dream clients.

Yes! You are special.

Yes! You are different.

Yes! You have unique magic to share with your community.

If you want to stand out online in 2023 and attract Beyonce-level clients, for the love of dogs – own it and share it loudly and proudly in your messaging and marketing. It’s my mission to support more humans to find their authentic voice. To believe in themselves so they feel confident to share their magic with the world. Because you don’t need to be more like anyone else…You are already all kinds of incredible magic. And if you hang around with me long enough – I’ll have you start believing it too.

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How to Showcase Your Unique Magic so Your Business Stands Out From the Rest

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