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Master the Dark Arts of Repurposing Content for Marketing Success

I don’t know about you, Wizard, but I don’t want to spend all my important marketing time creating content solely for Instagram, only for it to disappear 2.5 seconds after posting it.

Heck, these days you’re lucky if your content is shown to 1% of your followers.

It feels like you’re always feeding the Instagram beast, crossing your fingers and hoping to dog the Instagram gods will throw you a bone and show your content to your dream clients. 

In the wise words of Hermione Granger – “There must be another way!”

And there is. 

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I share how I turn 1 podcast episode into 5+ pieces of content every single week through the magic of repurposing content.

I should also add, I do this in less time than it takes you to create a week of social media content AND it definitely has a longer lifespan than your content too.

So let’s dive in…

Master the Dark Arts of Repurposing Content for Marketing Success

My weekly podcast process

Every single week on a Friday, I sit down to map out my weekly podcast episode and the additional pieces of content. 

Right now, I record one episode ahead at a time – so I’m recording this episode over a week before it’s released. This is because I have a team that helps me to execute the process. But when I was doing everything myself (which I did for a long time!) I’d record on the Friday before the episode was released on Tuesday. 

These days I write all the content, and then my team goes and distributes the content out to my different marketing channels. 

It’s no secret that I script my episodes – the reason being is I’m always thinking BIG PICTURE when it comes to my marketing. While you’re worrying about what to post on Instagram today, I’m thinking about how I can create long-lasting hero content that supports me to build a stand-out brand.

I also think about my podcast in terms of how much content I can possibly generate from one episode.

Just as it’s my mission to include as many Harry Potter references in my copy as possible – it’s also my great joy to see how much additional content I can get from one single piece of content.

So, as I’m writing the script for my podcast episode – that script also serves as the show notes, the blog post, the email, and the social media post.

Yes, it all comes out of this one script. I’m turning one piece of content into multiple pieces without spending more time creating individual pieces of content.

I’m investing my time in creating timeless pieces of content

Content that lasts.
Content for multiple channels.

After my podcast script is written, I then break it up into different pieces of content for the different marketing channels and put it straight into my Podcast Content Template in Google Docs. My team then goes and works their magic.  

I’ve created a step-by-step REPEATABLE process that my team and I follow each and every week to save time and make life easier. 

A single podcast episode gets turned into:

  • A weekly email to share the podcast 
  • A weekly Instagram post to share the podcast
  • A weekly blog post 
  • Multiple Instagram stories
  • Multiple Pinterest Pins

Whenever anyone says they don’t have time to create content for multiple channels, I simply laugh. Because it IS possible and you DO have time – if you’re smart and strategic about your content creation process.

My content-doubling spell doesn’t end there

So many people create magical content that builds trust, nurtures relationships and converts into sales…

And yet they are TERRIFIED of being a content repeater and reusing their content. 

In Episode 141, I shared 3 underrated content hacks every business owner needs to know, and #3 was that it’s ok to recycle, reuse, repurpose or repost your content – in fact, I highly recommend it! 

Repurposing is a fan favourite of ALL my clients and, once they learn the magic of repurposing, they wish they’d been doing it sooner. It’s so simple it should get you sent straight to Azkaban for dark wizardry.

I’m a serial content repeater and proud of it! People are always amazed at my consistency in creating and sharing content over the past 5 years, and my secret is that I repurpose a lot of it.

If you’re not repurposing your content – you’re doing it wrong! Not to mention, you’re wasting a shitload of time too! 

How I repurpose content in my business

Here are some examples:

  • If I share an Instagram story or post that gets good engagement – I often look to turn it into an email or a podcast episode
  • I repurpose podcast episodes into launch emails 
  • I pick out bits of copy from podcast episode scripts, Instagram posts, and emails to use on sign-up pages for free masterclasses and lead magnets

One of my big goals for this year is to start to repurpose more of my past solo podcast episodes into Instagram posts, and create a bank of content I can use whenever I can’t be fucked with Instagram.

I know it’s high-quality content because I took the time to write it when I originally recorded the episode. It’s my reward for thinking big picture and not putting my entire marketing strategy at the mercy of a platform I don’t own. 

Repurposing my content is my signature spell

It’s become a key piece of my marketing that has supported me to build a stand-out, 6-figure business.

Consider this your BIG permission slip to repurpose the heck out of your content!

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Repurposing is something I love talking about nearly as much as I love talking about dogs and Harry Potter, so I wanted to share my repurposing spells with you.

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Master the Dark Arts of Repurposing Content for Marketing Success

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