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Overcoming Self Doubt. How to Build an Unshakeable Mindset With Jaci Rogash

Having an unshakeable mindset is just as important as having a content or a launch strategy in your business.  Because without it your subconscious self-sabotaging behaviours could keep you *stuck*

Your inner critic can run rampant worrying about ALL OF THINGS that’ll go wrong.

Instead what if you decided to get out of your own way, embrace every part of yourself and show up unapologetically as you are?! 

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’m chatting to my friend, my twin trouble-maker and favourite Transformation & Mindset Coach Jaci Rogash.

Jaci and I go deep into her personal healing journey and how sharing her story has helped her transform her mindset and expand beyond what she ever thought was possible for her. 

She also shares her favourite tips and practices to help you build an unshakeable mindset too. 

This conversation is real, raw and honest and I’m just so grateful for Jaci for going there with me. 


Let me officially introduce you to Jaci 

Jaci is a Certified Transformation Coach, Writer and Speaker.

She works with high functioning women who have experienced trauma or significant adversity in the past that still impacts the way they live their lives today.

Jaci grew up in country Victoria and is no stranger to trauma and adversity, having been the victim of bullying, sexual assault, family violence and stalking before the age of 24. 

This ultimately led her on her own deep healing journey. Through this process she discovered coaching and realised this was her true calling.

With 11 years experience working in trauma enforced roles, dealing with sexual assaults, family violence, mental health and much more, Jaci now empowers her clients, to move through their self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear of judgement and unhealthy subconscious patterns so they can discover a genuine happiness they’ve never known, and ultimately discover their true self.

Because if anyone knows how to do this – it’s Jaci.


Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️ Jaci’s own healing journey which ultimately led her to become a coach.

⚡️ Why being vulnerable is a NOT a weakness but in fact it’s a superpower.

⚡️ Some of the most common fears that come up for business owners and how to move through them.

⚡️ Jaci’s favourite tips and practices to help you build an unshakeable mindset.


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