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Take a Break (Yes, You!)

If you’re an avid listener of the How I Do Content Podcast you may have noticed that there was no new episode of the podcast last week.

And it wasn’t because I don’t love this podcast anymore or that I couldn’t have pulled together an episode if I wanted to.

But I decided to take a week off because that’s what I needed.

I’d just come out of the launch of Become a Launch Wizard, I was deep and course creation and to be completely honest with you –  I was feeling energetically torn and tired.

Now past Tahryn would’ve pushed through and worked late nights or over the weekend to get it out and into your ears for last week.

But this year I’ve made it a priority to look after myself first and not push through just because I think I should or because I don’t want to let people down.

So I decided to take a break.

12 months ago however, I was in a very different place.

So in today’s episode of the How I Do Content podcast I’m sharing why things are different in September 2021 and how “The Feel Good Business Strategy” has changed everything in my life and business for the better – and how you can do the same.

Consider this your little check in before you head into the last quarter for 2021.

How I Do Content Podcast - Take a Break Yes You

The impact of 2020

2020 was a marathon rollercoaster ride to say the least.

Picking up the pieces from losing all my clients, to becoming fully booked again to launching my first digital product and my first online program – it was at this time last year where I was starting to feel the effects of being go go go all the time.

And I headed into the last quarter of the year hoping I’d make it to the end of the year without collapsing in a heap.

I was running on fumes.

I kept telling myself I just needed to make it through to Christmas and then I could take a break.

So I kept pushing through.

How many times have you said to yourself – I just need to make it through this week and then I’ll take a break.

I’m pretty sure I told myself that every single week in 2020.

And by Christmas I was fucked and I couldn’t get out of bed because I’d pushed myself too far.

How can you avoid pushing yourself to the brink of burnout…

I wanted to share this with you because in business it’s so easy to get caught up in the “shoulds”

Or pushing yourself to the brink of burnout because you don’t want to let people down or you’re afraid people will think you’re weak or lazy.

But without you, your business won’t exist. So you gotta take care of yourself. And I mean REALLY prioritising YOU. 

And I bet that you started your business to have more FREEDOM right?! 

But does it feel that way right now?

And if it feels like you’re barely hanging on and that you’re running on fumes waiting for Christmas to take a break – firstly please don’t wait until then.

I know that sometimes it’s not as simple as putting tools down and taking the day off. But I want you to go to your calendar and find the next available day where you can block out an hour, a couple of hours or half a day just for you.


This is time for you. You could:

  • Read a book
  • Watch Drag Race
  • Get your nails done 
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a float
  • Hug your dog

Now I’m not saying this one slot of time is going to solve all your problems. But you gotta start somewhere. Start regularly blocking out time for you. Do it again and again and again until it becomes part of your routine.

And when you feel tired or overwhelmed DON’T PUSH THROUGH.

I also want you to be honest with yourself – where do you need to make changes in your life and business for things to get better.

Enter The Feel Good Business Strategy

I remember I said to my business coach Ellie that things needed to change because I couldn’t see how it was going to end well for me. And I didn’t want to end up hating my business.

And that’s where The Feel Good Business Strategy was born.

It became my mission to bring more joy and balance to my life and business.

I started by asking myself a couple of questions – And I encourage you to do the same.

These questions were:

  • Why did I start my business? 
  • What do I want to spend my time doing in my business?
  • Are there any areas I could call in more support? (Life and business)
  • What can I do to bring more JOY into my days?
  • What can I do to bring more BALANCE into my days?
  • When am I happiest? (Life and business)
  • What is the promise I’m making to myself from this point forward?

Now there’s no right or wrong answers – but it’s about checking in with how you’re feeling and deciding what you’re going to do about it. 

It could be as simple as:

  • Taking yourself out to lunch every Wednesday
  • Taking Friday afternoons off
  • Having one set day each week for calls or content creation
  • Not starting work until 10am.


Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

So there you have it, a little check in before we head into the last quarter for 2021.

Take this as a reminder that the world won’t end if you don’t post on social media today or you don’t reply to that email immediately.

If you need a break. Do it.

Take a break - How I Do Content Podcast

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