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The Role of Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Success

Running a business can be stressful.

You’re the chief decision maker, juggling different roles in your business – not to mention the pressure to consistently make sales.

And when you add chronic illness, mental health condition or disability into the mix – you’re navigating a whole lot of things. This is why listening to your body and embracing all parts of you and designing a business that allows you to thrive is so important.

In this episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I interviewed my friend and former client Danielle McTaggart about her journey to wellness through her business. She shares the principles of mindfulness and Kundalini Yoga and how it can positively impact your overall health and success.

Let me introduce you to Danielle McTaggart

Danielle is an Intuitive heart lead guide, Energy waver activator and Calm Nurturing Healer.

Her mission is to empower YOU to embrace all parts of you and thrive! To feel deeply connected to yourself, understand your self-care needs and firm boundaries. And feel fully seen, deeply heard and supported while enjoying your life’s beautiful journey!

In this episode Danielle shared her experience from bed-ridden to business owner and how her health struggles led her to close her Wedding Events business and begin her journey into health, wellness and spirituality.

Today’s conversation highlights the importance of listening to your body as a business owner and the impact of your health on running a business.

Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of How I Do Content

  • Danielle shares her experience from bed-ridden to business owner
  • How Danielle’s health struggles led her to close her Wedding Events business and begin her journey into health, wellness and spirituality.
  • The importance of listening to your body NOW as a business owner

TL;DL version:

Throughout her 4 years in the wedding industry, Danielle noticed a gradual decline in her energy levels and overall wellness. After a battle with the effects of Lyme Disease and having invested a lot of time in her recovery, she knew that something needed to change.

She started by downgrading her offerings, outsourcing and reducing her availability. Although Danielle knew it was the best decision – it wasn’t an easy one. As someone who truly enjoyed helping her clients, there was a lot of guilt about saying no – or in some cases, cancelling bookings.

If you don’t make time for your health – your health will choose the time for you

When you don’t decide to prioritise your wellness – your body will decide for you (hello, burnout!) This means a need to accept where you’re at with your health and a nudge to start making the needs of your well-being a priority over making sales.

In business this can look like:

  • Growing at a slower pace
  • Minimising your offerings
  • Working fewer hours and taking a break when you need to

Nurturing yourself means you nurture your clients too

By conserving energy, and looking after yourself and your health- you will ultimately have more energy, time and capacity to serve your clients. Conversely, when you don’t prioritise your well-being, you may end up negatively affecting the quality of your work or your ability to serve your clients at all if you need to cancel.

The role of wellbeing and mindfulness in success

How to apply Kundalini Yoga principles in everyday life as a business owner

Danielle first came across the practice of Kundalini yoga through Tracey Spencer in her Lightworkers Academy program. 

Kundalini is a little bit different from other yoga modalities – being a yoga of awareness. The practice is designed to activate and awaken the Kundalini energy that we all have inside of us. It involves breathwork techniques, chanting mantras, meditation, asana poses and Kriya (action).  These elements work together to help balance and nourish the mind, body and soul.

Danielle turned to Kundalini Yoga in her own wellness and personal development journey.  The breath techniques, movement and meditation learned through yoga provided tangible ways to help with nervous system regulation and spiritual centering that Danielle could turn to throughout day-to-day life. 

Even more than the tools themselves, Danielle was impacted the most by the way she could access these tools every day, without needing to go to a class or rely on any physical equipment or space. They were practical in a way she hadn’t experienced before – she had everything she needed within to calm her ‘monkey mind’ and feel present.

Tune into the podcast at 25:55 to listen to and experience a short Kundalini technique demonstrated by Danielle.

Her first encounter with Kundalini through Tracey’s program made Danielle aware of the potency of this practice not only as a healing modality but as a business. Originally interested in breathwork, her experience in Lightworkers Academy led Danielle to pursue further training and was the beginning of her journey into intuitive healing work.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga practice for business owners

You don’t have to be a pro to reap the benefits of a regular Kundalini practice. Even if you’re just starting out, Kundalini can help improve your strength, and nervous system and will give you a serious boost of feel-good endorphins!

Some other benefits of Kundalini include:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Helps you feel more present
  • Improves cognitive function and mood
  • Balances the left and right brain hemispheres
  • Helps release emotions trapped within the body 

Learn how to tune into what your body needs

Your own inner guidance is your most powerful tool – when you know how to tune into it. Start by connecting to yourself and implementing self-care practices daily or even weekly.

Meditation is a fabulous tool for going within and tuning into your body and it doesn’t mean you have to engage in Kundalini practice every day!

Meditation comes in so many different forms and it can be even the smallest opportunities throughout the day that we can take to be more mindful and present.

Things like:

  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Putting on a face mask or booking a pedicure
  • Listening to mantras or affirmations
  • Enjoying a massage

Taking even a few minutes each day to be present and tune into your breath can start building the connection with your own inner self.

Show yourself compassion

When starting any new wellness regime, it’s important to show yourself compassion especially when you perhaps don’t meet your preconceived wellness goals. There will be days that you might miss your meditation or don’t get up early to go for a walk – don’t let it stop you from continuing with your practices.

The importance of listening to your body as a business owner with Danielle McTaggart

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