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The Secret to Making Sales on Repeat in Your Business

In today’s episode I want to share a little more insight into something I’ve been talking about A LOT recently.

And that’s making sales in your business and being able to do it on repeat.

Now as part of my post launch process for the School of Content Wizardry I sent out a feedback survey and one of the questions was “What are your biggest challenges in your business right now?”

2 of the most common responses were “creating offers that sell” and “getting clients”.

So based on that I created an offer specifically for the person struggling with creating offers that sell and calling in clients.

The result? I sold more than double my sales goal and I did it with ease.

And what I realised was that every offer I’ve launched in my business in the past 3 years – I’ve made sales every single time.

So the way my brain works is that I like to pull this knowledge and data apart and see exactly WHY I’ve been able to consistently make sales in my business – and then of course to share it with you because this is something you want to know (because you told me so).

Do you want to know the secret to making sales on repeat in your business? I’ll take that as a yes!

First things first – I touched on this a little bit already but you need to…


Create offers that solve a problem your community has.

Everything I create in my business – I do with my community in mind.

I never create anything just for the sake of it, or to make money, or because someone else is doing it.

I create it because there’s a need for it.

A really important reminder to check in with your community regularly and to use them to validate offers you’re thinking about creating BEFORE you create them.

You can do this via a survey on Google Forms like I did or via Instagram stories or both.

And ask them – “What are your biggest challenges right now when it comes to [insert your zone of genius]?”

Of course you can ask them more questions – but that’s a great starting point.

This is where all epic offers should begin.

Ok so you’ve tapped into what your community wants from you – now it’s time to…

Get crystal clear on the juicy details of your offer

Now this is not just about the features of your offer.

It’s about the features AND the benefits AND the pricing.

Benefits sell your offers not the features.

You have to get outta your head and into the head of your soulmate clients.

The guiding question for you here is – “Why should they sign up and what’s in it for them?”

So using my Create Your 6 Figure Offer Intensive as an example here – people don’t care that it’s a 90 minute Zoom Session with 1 week of Voxer support.

They care that they walk away from our session being clear on their 6 figure offer so they can start selling it and calling in their soulmate clients.

This can be a little like a magic potion here and trying to get the right mix so that it’s an easy yes for your offer.

Ok up next – hand on my Ned-loving heart I believe this is the main reason I’ve been able to make sales on repeat in my business – it’s something I always always come back to and what I teach my clients to do and that’s…

Understand your perfect fit client as if they were your bestie

Because at the end of the day – it’s these humans that are going to buy your offers.

It’s no point creating anything in your business – if it doesn’t serve them.


You need to understand:

  • What they’re going through right now in their life and business
  • What they need from you
  • What’s important to them

Because knowing this helps you to create epic offers for them, to nail your messaging so you can create content that converts and importantly helps you deliver the transformation (aka the end result) they really want.

Which is key in being able to make sales on repeat in your business.

Happy clients give great testimonials which influence others to buy your offers.

And on that note…

Collect testimonials regularly

Social proof is gold.

Because sure I can tell you how awesome my offer is – but what’s even better is someone else doing that for me.

So this should be a part of your client offboarding process. Once you’ve delivered the offer, there should be a request for feedback / testimonial sent out to all clients automatically.

Take this as your reminder to touch base with your past clients and request a testimonial today.

It could be the difference between a “no” or a “heck yes” to your offer.

You’re going to love my next secret to making sales…

Share sales content consistently

It wouldn’t be an episode of the How I Do Content Podcast without me mentioning the word consistently would it?

But it always comes back to this.

Because the people who consistently make sales in their businesses are the ones that are consistently sharing their offers in their content.

If you can’t remember the last time you shared about your offers – red flag.

There’s no sugar coating it here – if you want to make sales on repeat in your business you gotta use your content to sell and you sure as heck have to do it more than once.

Your ideal clients aren’t on their phones or computers 24/7 hitting refresh waiting for your content. They do have a life, and more often than not it’s a busy one so sharing your offer once and hoping they see it – is not a good business strategy.

Add that to the fact that people need to see sales messaging 20+ times before they make a purchase decision.

And as I mentioned earlier – this doesn’t mean you create content that’s focused solely on the features and repeat again and again. Because that’s when you start sounding like a sleazy car salesman.

It comes down to communicating the benefits and the transformation so your ideal clients ACTUALLY hit the buy now button⁠.

It’s about crafting magnetic messaging that speaks to the soul of your ideal clients.

So a great practice to get into when you’re writing your content is to review what you’ve written from the perspective of your ideal client and ask the question – “so what?”

For example: Yes it’s a 3 month mastermind experience…but so what? It’s a 3 month mastermind experience to support you to create wildly abundant offers, booked up launches and magical content.

See what I did there?

It’s not about creating any kinda content, it’s about creating the kinda content that gets your soulmate clients buying your offers.

So give them a reason to.

And finally…


Yep, the secret to making sales on repeat in your business is to create a repeatable process around it.

That’s why going through a launch process works so well. You’re following these steps again and again so that you’re learning and building on what works. And ultimately that’s how you scale your business.

Master these steps and you’ll continue to make sales in your business.

You don’t need to create shiny new offers every 5 seconds. You need to focus on what’s working and build from there.

Spend your time crafting something amazing and your offers WILL sell.

I know this to be true, because it’s exactly what I do when I am crafting my offers and history shows that everytime I launch an offer it sells.

So if you learn how you can make sales on repeat in your business – come and work with me + Ned in my 3 month Biz Wizard Coaching Series.

Please note this isn’t solely focused on content or launching – it’s business coaching and together we work on what you need support with in your business right now.

I’ve opened up 5 spots (1 of which has already been taken) and we can start as soon as you want.

You can find out more here and if you have any questions or want to know if this is right for you and your business – book a free discovery call and let’s chat.

Making Sales on Repeat in Your Business

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