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Top Brand Messaging and Marketing Tips for a Reiki Master & Naturopath

This is the 3rd instalment of Messaging on the Mic – a 4 episode mini-series inside the How I Do Content Podcast.

In Volume 1 I reviewed the messaging of a Virtual Assistant who specialises in Digital Marketing. In Volume 2, I reviewed the messaging of a Wedding Photographer

And today’s featured wizard to receive my brand messaging + marketing tips is a Reiki Master & Naturopath.

The Case Study

Business type: Reiki Master & Naturopath

Background: This business owner is reiki master and naturopath who specialises in guiding, educating & supporting women to nurture themselves back to wholeness & optimal health.

Brand messaging tips for a Reiki Master & Naturopath

Fun fact – I’ve had many reiki practitioners and naturopaths as clients of mine and what I love about them is they’re all heart.  They’re so connected to why they’re in business – they love the work they do and they love their clients. The missing piece (and where they need a little more support) is in the marketing and selling aspects of their business. You want to make sure you’re sharing your magic and being paid to do so.

The good news is that the ways in which they support their clients lends well to the type of messaging and marketing I support my clients to create. It all comes down to confidently communicating how you support your clients throughout everything you create. 

I’ve had a little stalky-stalk at this wizard’s Instagram profile and website to get an insight into who they are and the magic they share with their clients and community. I’ve also read through their answers to the application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further.


Reminder: Always be clear on what services you offer

It’s clear that this wizard is extremely passionate about what they do and how they support their clients. Something they do really well is sharing their offers! I love this because often when I review someone’s messaging and content, it’s not super clear how I can work with them – it’s usually hidden under a whole lotta other stuff or I need to click a hundred times to get to the sign-up page. 

Overall, this wizard shares their offers really consistently and my recommendations are simply to enhance their messaging even more.  

Brand messaging tips for a Reiki Master & Naturopath

3 ways this reiki master & naturopath can take their brand messaging to the next level (with examples)

1. Consistent & clear messaging

If you want to become known in your industry for a specific service or how you support your clients to get a certain outcome they most desire, you need to make sure:

  • It’s clear what you do and how you do it 
  • That you share that EVERYWHERE and on repeat 

The reason I’ve become known as a Biz Wizard (and that’s what people refer to me as) – is because I use that message ALL THE TIME & EVERYWHERE.

  • In my IG profile
  • When I’m a guest on podcasts
  • In my podcast episodes 
  • On my website  
  • In my CTA’s in my content

Repetition and consistency in your messaging are what build awareness & recognition in the minds of your ideal clients and customers. If you want to be known for something – how are you making it known to your community?

For this wizard, they want to be known as the Nurture Alchemist (which I love btw). It’s on their IG profile and on one page of their website, but I think they could ramp this up even more! 

Because the way I see it (and how I break it down for their messaging):    

  1. They’re the Nurture Alchemist 
  2. They support women to nurture themselves back to optimal health in their mind, body and soul
  3. They do this through reiki and naturopathy 

Ideas for incorporating this brands point of difference into their messaging and marketing

  • Having a pinned post on IG that speaks to “What is a Nurture Alchemist?” 
  • The words nurture alchemist being front and centre on the home page of their website, and an explanation on what makes them the Nurture Alchemist
  • Using Nurture Alchemist in the CTA’s of their content – “do you want the Nurture Alchemist experience – book a call with me and find out how to nurture yourself back to optimal health today”

Don’t forget it’s on you to educate your community on what it is you do – but don’t be afraid to TELL THEM again and again. 

2. Get specific about the benefits of your products or services

As I mentioned earlier, this wizard does a great job of sharing their offers.

The area they could uplevel their messaging is to speak to the benefits of these offers – but to do it in a way that’s specific AF and gives their ideal clients such a clear picture of what working with them will do for them.

Remember: The more specific you can be – the more sales you’ll make.

This wizard shares that her services help her clients:

  • Have more energy and a clearer mind
  • Become more relaxed, revitalised, motivated
  • Become less fatigued, anxious, tired, stressed and overwhelmed

… But this could be even more specific! 

A lot of other businesses speak to these benefits as well – so to stand out you need to take it a layer deeper.

Take it one step further – what does feeling this way allow them to do?

  • Do they jump out of bed each and every day feeling motivated to kick butt and make their dreams come true?
  • Instead of ending their day collapsing into bed feeling exhausted, do they go to sleep feeling fulfilled and excited to do it again tomorrow? 
  • Does a clearer mind mean they’re not constantly stuck in a game of “what if the worst-case scenario happens?” 

Give examples of how this plays out in their life. Because then they can picture their life with you in it! And if you’re not sure – ask past clients or customers or read your testimonials and reviews!  

Quality over quantity when explaining the benefits of your offers

Another thing I want to mention here is that it’s super easy to list a whole heap of benefits. I see it a lot when reviewing sales pages – it’s like the more dot points I have, the better my offer will sound. BUT it’s actually better to share fewer dot points and be more specific with each. I recommend 3-5 super specific and tangible benefits for each offer.  

3. Own what makes you different and unique

One of the questions I asked the wizards who applied for Messaging on the Mic was:

“What makes YOU the person to work with? What makes you unique to other [insert what you do here]?”  This wizard’s answer was – “that is a great question that I need to sit with.”

Now this is also a question most people hate to answer. I ask it for a very important reason – it’s THE thing that differentiates you from every other [insert what you do here]. Because there’s only one of you right?   

Note: your messaging and marketing is NOT the place to be humble. 

If you want dream clients to appear out of nowhere ready to pay you today – you need to truly own what makes you different and unique. You can’t sit back and wait for them to find you – you need to tell them why they need you in their life right now!   Because if you don’t – someone else will. Your ideal clients are spoilt for choice so if you want them to choose you – you gotta give them a reason to. 

Ideas for communicating the ways you’re different and unique:

  • The processes, tools, techniques and modalities you have in your spellbook 
  • Your unique thoughts and perspectives on the things your ideal clients are currently experiencing, feeling and navigating 
  • The results / outcomes / transformations you support your clients to achieve 
  • Your story and the experiences you have in common with your ideal clients

Proudly claim it and own it! 

So, overall the key differentiation piece for this well-being wizard is…

Because they share many common experiences with their ideal client – this wizard can truly make their ideal client feel seen, heard and understood through their messaging. From a very unhealthy lifestyle with high stress, demanding job & unhealthy life/food choices – to nurturing themselves back to optimal health thanks to reiki and naturopathy. This is a great starting connection point to build relationships within your community. 

You’re sharing your experience and in doing so inviting them to start thinking about how they can make changes in their life too. And when they’re ready to nurture themselves back to optimal health – you’re there and ready to help them. Don’t underestimate the power of shared experiences. 

You might think people don’t care – but they do.

Top brand messaging and marketing tips for a Reiki Master & Naturopath

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