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Why You As An Introvert Need A Mastermind More Than 1:1 Coaching

As an introvert, I KNOW you love your alone time and that a group of people is not your idea of a good time…

However, there’s one situation where a group of people is actually a good time.

It’s something that’s good for you AND your business – and that’s a group mastermind.

Now hear me out! I’ve been part of a mastermind in one way or another since 3 months into my business and as you know – I’m a raging introvert! 

I’ve been working with my coach for 4 years and after doing 1:1 coaching with her first, she then decided to transition her business model to a mastermind model.

I was invited to join the first round of her mastermind and I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t totally sold on group coaching or being in a group with people I didn’t know.

But 4 years later here I am – still working with the same coach and still in a mastermind. I’m also a support coach for one of my coach’s masterminds AND I’m the Head Wizard inside the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind. 

So I know my way around a mastermind and I’ve experienced the magic that happens inside these containers.

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I’m sharing 3 reasons why masterminds and introverts are a match made in heaven! 

Don’t believe me – let’s get into it!

Why You As An Introvert Need A Mastermind More Than 1:1 Coaching

Reason #1 – The people you meet 

Hand on my Ned-loving heart – I’ve met some of my favourite humans inside mastermind containers. 

My biz besties and people I’m so bloody grateful to have connected with.

People who I’ve hung out with in real life or have in-depth Voxer conversations about the state of the world, our dogs and how much we love Harry Styles.

People who understand me more than people I’ve known for my whole life.

Relationships that have extended outside of the mastermind experience. 

And I think the reason you meet such epic people inside a mastermind is that you have those shared values and the vision for your life and your business.

You’re there because you want to be better – to learn and to evolve.

So you get to be surrounded by like-minded legends and, as an introvert, you value those deep connections over surface-level BS. 

You want to know when someone asks you the question  “how’s business?” – you can be honest and say it’s fucked or it’s epic and it feels like you’re really seen, heard and understood regardless of the answer.

And it’s also reciprocated – none of this one-way crap where one person takes, takes, takes.

Yes! Inside a mastermind, there can be those rare people who actually energise and fuel your introverted battery.  

They do exist!

And from a business perspective, these connections can help you immensely too. It’s these friendships that have led to:

  • Guest podcast episodes
  • Guest masterclasses inside group programs and masterminds
  • Client referrals 
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Becoming clients

Plenty of mutually beneficial opportunities – so there’s a whole lot to be said for the people you meet inside masterminds.

Reason #2 – The power of collective knowledge

When you’re in a mastermind and surrounded by like-minded legends, you also have access to all that collective knowledge!

Each human has their zone of genius and their unique blend of magic that they bring to the table – and you get a front-row seat to that.

It can open up a whole new world of data and information for you. You’ll be able to learn from their skills and experiences and expand your own knowledge.

I KNOW I love me some data and information! It helps me with those pro / con lists and when I’m making decisions in my business.

It can also help you unlock ideas and solutions that you wouldn’t have found by yourself. And you didn’t need to go to old mate Google to wade through pages and pages of information or worse go to a networking event with 100s of people to find out. 

Not to mention, because of the connections and relationships you have with the people in your mastermind – you already have a point of contact should you need it!

You’ll have a network of people who are always willing to help you and share their knowledge with you. 

Fun fact – Pablo, my podcast editor is the husband of Jess Miller (who was recently on the podcast) and when I made the decision to start a podcast it was Jess who said “I know a guy who can edit your episodes”. If I wasn’t in the mastermind with Jess, well you might not be listening to this episode. 

Reason #3 – You get to do what you do best – listen and observe others

This flows on nicely from reason #2 and takes it to that next layer deeper.

You get to witness others being coached.

You get to witness your coach coaching others.

You get to observe what others are navigating in their business.

You get to listen to the questions others are asking and the areas people are seeking support in

You get a behind-the-scenes look into the backend of your coach’s business.

It’s quite literally an introvert’s dream to sit back, listen and observe.

A lot of people don’t go to group coaching calls if they don’t have a question to ask. Not me, even if I don’t have a question – I’m going to listen and observe.

Because as I mentioned the power of collective knowledge – from your coach to the other magical humans in your mastermind.

You might NOT be navigating that exact problem at that exact moment – but you probably will at some stage. 

And won’t you be glad when you have that bit of data or knowledge to support you when you’re facing that same thing? 

I have learnt so much about life + business from sitting on group coaching calls and listening. 

It’s the easiest thing to do for an introvert and the payoff is HUGE too.

So there you have it – 3 reasons why you as an introvert need a mastermind more than 1:1 coaching. 

Join the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind

Now I should add that if you’re an introvert in business who is weighing up your options between 1:1 coaching and a mastermind – you should really check out the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind.

The positives of the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind are:

  1. You get the best of both worlds – 1:1 coaching AND group coaching 
  2. I cap the number of wizards at 10 to keep the mastermind small and intimate – you’re not one of many on the calls with limited access to the coach. 
  3. Your coach is an introvert just like you and is there to support you to create a business that amplifies your strengths 

And even though I KNOW you love your time alone – you don’t have to do business alone.

That’s why I created this mastermind specifically for introverts.

So come join us – the doors are currently open for the March round and I’d so love to support you to take your business to the next level – the introverts’ way!

Why You As An Introvert Need A Mastermind More Than 1:1 Coaching

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