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3 Ways To Boost Your Jewellery Brand & Stand Out Online

This is the 4th and final instalment of this 4 episode mini-series inside the How I Do Content Podcast (well, for now at least).

To recap the previous Messaging on the Mic Wizards:

So, if you haven’t listened to those episodes – I recommend hitting pause to check them out right meow.

The Case Study

Business type: Jewellery designer and maker

Background: This wizard handmakes stunning pieces of jewellery using real leaves and flowers that they call –  unique wearable art.

I thought it would be great to take a look at messaging from the perspective of a product-based business. Because yes! Messaging is still important for product-based wizards. Customers are spoiled for choice and having a great product isn’t enough these days. You need to be able to communicate to your community why your product is the one for them. 

I’ve had a little stalky-stalk at this wizard’s Instagram profile and website to get an insight into who they are and the magic they create for their customers and community. I’ve also read through their answers to the application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further.

Behind-the-scenes content is a winner for product-based businesses.

Something this wizard does really well is showcasing their process of creating their jewellery. I LOVE a “behind the scenes” moment of what goes into creating a product – especially handmade products. It highlights what makes your product different and unique and is a chance for you to give your community an insight into what really goes into your creation process. It builds that level of trust in your product which is an essential element of the customer decision-making process. 

Overall, this wizard has such a magical product and my messaging recommendations are to help them really stand out to their ideal customer.  Because as I mentioned earlier – having a great product isn’t enough on its own. You need to communicate WHY they should choose you + your product.

3 Ways To Boost Your Jewellery Brand & Stand Out Online

3 tips for content guaranteed to elevate your jewellery brand messaging so you stand out from the crowd

1. Highlight what makes your jewellery unique and different

You want to make it clear what makes you + your product different and unique – and share that everywhere! From your Instagram profile to your website you need to communicate those key points of difference. Creating a bank of key messaging pieces that you always use. 

Repetition and consistency in your messaging are what build awareness & recognition in the minds of your ideal customers.

Not to mention when you use these key messaging pieces on repeat – that increases your chances of being discovered by customers searching for what you sell. 

For example: For this wizard, if they continually use “Unique Handmade Jewellery” or “Made to Order Sterling Silver Jewellery” or “Responsibly Sourced Handmade Jewellery” across their different channels, that means when people are searching for these terms – they will get in front of them.

What to include in your jewellery brand Instagram bio

  • Searchable name field. Make sure the “Name” field on your profile is searchable – something like Unique Handmade Jewellery + your name.
  • Unique tagline and call to action. Make the tagline in your bio something like – “One of a kind handmade jewellery pieces made with sterling silver + real leaves + flowers. Buy your unique tiny treasure here”. 
  • Relevant highlights. Create a Highlight focused on Your Process + About You.

Anything that makes you unique and different to other jewellery makers is a key messaging piece that you want to share loudly, proudly and everywhere.

2. Share your story

People can replicate your messaging, your content, your process (pretty much everything) – but they can’t replicate you, your magic and your story. This is why if you really want to stand out online – you need to share your story.

In their application questionnaire, this wizard pondered – I’m interested in how my work can connect to personal narratives.

Examples of ways a jewellery designer can share their story through their content

  • Why you started creating handmade jewellery
  • How your process and creations have evolved over time
  • Your connection to nature + art (and their connection to each other)
  • What you’re inspired by and how that impacts your creative process

I especially recommend this wizard adds an “About You” section to their website which highlights some of these key messaging pieces. And, on Instagram, I want to see more of this wizard + their story too! 

Your story, your personality and your unique blend of magic need to shine through your messaging – because that’s what makes you truly stand out.

3. Use storytelling in your content

Storytelling is one of the best ways to create a deeper level of connection with your community. I like to use storytelling to make my people feel like they’re an important part of my business (because they are). You want to invite them on the journey with you and to do that – you need to weave storytelling into your content. 

Now imagine you were getting comfy and ready to dive into a new book. And when you opened up the book and it gave you the ending immediately in a couple of sentences. You might leave feeling a little dissatisfied or worse – abso-fuckin-lutely nothing.

If your messaging and content make your people feel nothing – they’ll keep on scrolling. 

They won’t tell every muggle + their dog about you. And they certainly won’t buy from you.

One of the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of Reels is that I feel like it’s made the art of storytelling less desirable for business owners who create content. It prioritises super short and snappy content which to me is surface-level stuff, and I don’t like surface-level crap. This isn’t to say short-form content doesn’t have its place too – but it’s not a sustainable strategy on its own.

Storytelling isn’t dead yet people!

I love the Reels this wizard creates of them making their unique pieces of jewellery. I would incorporate elements of storytelling into the caption.

The Reel is sharing the visual process of HOW they create the pieces. What I want to see is an insight into WHY this process, why this design, and why this piece. Of course, you know these things – but don’t be afraid to really spell it out for your people. Make them feel like they are getting a front-row seat to witness a masterpiece in creation. 

This wizard mentioned in their application that they often get complimented on their pieces being unique and surprising because people aren’t quite sure how they’ve made things, so it seems magical and whimsical. This really reaffirms this messaging recommendation – ding ding ding, you’re on to a winner with storytelling! 

Embrace and showcase the things that set your jewellery brand apart from the others

The key differentiation piece for this jewellery designing wizard is to embrace everything that makes them different and unique. And to incorporate this into their messaging MORE.

Ways this wizard can elevate their jewellery brand

  • Consistently highlight what makes their product different and unique throughout their messaging and across all their different customer touchpoints 
  • Share their story and the person behind the business 
  • Incorporate storytelling into their content to create a deeper connection with their community

You want the messaging to really reflect the whimsical and magical nature of these pieces.

Don’t be afraid to go full wizard and share your unique blend of magic throughout!

3 Ways To Boost Your Jewellery Brand & Stand Out Online

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