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BTS Tour Of The School Of Content Wizardry

Today’s episode is a little different….

I’m throwing open the doors to the School of Content Wizardry to give you a little behind-the-scenes tour.   This is your inside look into my signature program to help reveal and spark your inner Content Wizard. 

Enrolments are currently open for the July 2021 round of the School of Content Wizardry.

As the program has had a little face-lift I thought it would be helpful to share why I created the program, what it includes, what you’re going to learn and if it’s the right fit for you.

Then you can make the decision if you’ll be joining me + Ned aboard The Hogwarts Express headed to The School of Content Wizardry departing Platform 9 ​3⁄4 on July 5th.

So let’s begin the tour!


A background into the School of Content Wizardry


I first launched the School of Content Wizardry in July 2020. 

We all know what happened at the beginning of 2020.

I found myself with extra time on my hands as I lost all my clients thanks to my old mate COVID.   In all honesty I might not have launched this program so soon into my business journey if it wasn’t for that not-so-gentle nudge from the universe #thanksuniverse

And as the saying goes – things happen for a reason – and I’m glad it did…  Because the School of Content Wizardry has become way more than I ever dreamed or hoped.

The reason I started the School of Content Wizardry is because I’ve created a forkload of content for my own business and for my clients and I really wanted to share my knowledge with other business owners so they weren’t spending all their time feeling overwhelmed and hating creating content.

The School of Content Wizardry started as a 5 week group coaching program with weekly live training, weekly group coaching calls and 3 guest masterclasses.

And since then I’ve welcomed 36 wizards into Ned’s Army and given them all the spells they need to create magical content and feel confident doing so. 

After every single round I’ve listened to the feedback from the wizards inside the program and made changes to make it even better than before – so when I say it’s been created with YOU in mind – I’m not lying.

It has evolved into a program that I’m so proud of and I consider it to be the Hogwarts for Content Creation.


So what does the School of Content Wizardry look like now?

This is the fourth time I’ve run the School of Content Wizardry!

It’s your transformative 12 week group experience to guide you to share your authentic voice, create your own magic content and get max impact out of every creation.

You’ll finally be able to say ‘BYE BYE BYE’ to spending your precious brain power figuring out how to create engaging content that sounds like you and moves your business forward. 

Not only will you unlock all the spells you need to create magical content, you’ll be practicing them in real time with the support of myself, Ned & a group of like-minded wizards.

When you sign up you get…

 My eyeballs & brain focused on YOUR biz and YOUR content for 12 weeks

Access to a private Facebook community with other like-minded wizards on the same journey as you.

Pre-recorded module lessons teaching you those delicious content creation foundations.

Fortnightly live group coaching calls so that you can pick my brain and have access to my strategic advice on your content and your business.

And this round I’ve also introduced…

4 weeks of implementation – our final 4 weeks together will be spent with weekly content creation challenges to help you take action and cast the spells you’ve learnt. 

But wait…

There’s more!   

Click here to discover the bonus elements of the School of Content Wizardry.

So is the School of Content Wizardry for you?

If you create content for your business or for your clients then HECK YES the School of Content Wizardry is for you.

Inside you’ll find a magical bunch of wizards who are:

  • Hypnotherapists
  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Physios
  • Photographers
  • Candle Makers
  • Anxiety Coaches
  • Brand Coaches
  • SEO & Website Gurus
  • Naturopaths
  • Make Up Artists
  • Postpartum Doulas
  • Social Media Managers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Event Specialists
  • Doterra Oils Advocate
  • Calligraphers
  • Body Acceptance Coaches


Inside the School of Content Wizardry, you’re going to learn…

Everything you need to create the kinda content that connects with your community – this is everything I’ve used in my business to do the same. 

The School of Content Wizardry is built on the foundations of content creation – those essential foundations that hold everything together and that I’m always banging on about.

You learn these through the 6 training modules:

⚡️ Module 1: Every Wizard Knows Where to Cast Their Wand

Get crystal clear on who your kinda people are and why they need what you’ve got to offer. 

⚡️ Module 2: Finding your Inner Wizard

Uncover your zone of genius, your superpower, your MAGIC

⚡️ Module 3: Coming up with a Never-Ending Flow of Content Ideas

Establish a solid foundation for your content creation process with CONTENT PILLARS

⚡️ Module 4: How To Cast Your Spell to Create Your Magic Content 

Learn to craft content that gets your ideal clients blowing up your notifications. 

⚡️ Module 5: Channeling Your Inner Hermione Granger to Plan Your Content 

Create a plan of attack for your content that Hermione Granger herself would be proud of.

⚡️ Module 6: The Incredible Doubling Charm to Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose your content like a Dumbledore-level wizard to get max eyeballs on each piece of content you create and magnetise way more legends your way!

These modules will help you unlock all the spells you need to create magical content, but the best part is you’ll then put them into practice as our final 4 weeks together will be spent implementing what you’ve learnt (with myself and the other wizards supporting you)

Which means you’ll finish your 12 weeks in The School of Content Wizardry actually creating the kinda content that connects with your community. 

Now I’ve left my favourite part until last…

When you join the School of Content Wizardry you get access to Ned’s Army for Life

Once you’re in…

You’re in…

365 days a year* Unless Voldemort makes a surprise comeback of course

You get access to all the magic again and again, round after round.

This means you get coaching from me at least 3 times a year. So as your business changes and grows, you can tap into the magic of the School of Content Wizardry to meet you where you’re at. 

This is the Hogwarts of Content Creation. 

Where else can you learn about social media, email marketing, blogging, Pinterest, copywriting, branding, planning, SEO, websites and Reels all in the one program?!

All at this price?!

The answer is you can’t.


And if you need more evidence that the School of Content Wizardry is for you…

Click here to check out the testimonials from the wizards already inside and who you’ll be joining. 

The School of Content Wizardry is the missing piece of your content creation puzzle. It’ll teach you how to break through the mind-drama and have fun when creating content.

You’ll feel re-inspired, re-energised and ENJOY creating content again.

So if this sounds exactly what you need in your life…

Come join us..

Ned & I are on Platform 9 ​3⁄4 waiting for you!

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