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Content + Facebook Ads – Why your content matters with Nat Alaimo

There’s still a misconception in the online business space that Facebook Ads are a magic pill.

That you can throw some money at ads and hey presto – you’re a millionaire overnight. But that’s not how it works sadly.

And your organic content matters more than you might think. Because if your content and messaging is shit, well your ads won’t fix that.

Ads should be used to enhance your current results. Not as a quick money making scheme.

Ads + Organic Content are a match made in heaven, so as I’m the Content Wizard, on today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I’m talking to Facebook Ads Wizard Nat Alaimo.


Let me officially introduce you to Nat

Nat is a FB Ads Manager and Funnel Strategist for course creators. She uses ads to help businesses scale and get their message into the lives of more clients and students. She knows that sharing their message is what allows business owners to create impact, achieve freedom and unleash their magic.

Nat has spent 12+ years honing her strategic and technical skills in the Facebook World of digital marketing. Natalie mixes this strategic superpower and real-world experience with intuition and meaningful data to create ad + funnel strategies that fit her clients personality and business (because THAT’s when the best results happen).

Nat loves coffee, building Disney Lego and tap dancing, along with cuddling up to her husband Dean, and driving her son to skateboard lessons in sunny Gold Coast, Australia.

Nat and I are about to chat all things Facebook Ads + Content. The kind of content that helps you create great ad funnels and everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising in 2022.

So let’s dive in.

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • Why you can’t throw money at Facebook Ads and expect results overnight
  • Facebook Ads strategies that ACTUALLY work in 2022
  • The role your content plays in your ad funnels

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