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How getting to know your audience can help you kick BIG goals in your business with Nadine Nethery

The most important thing when you’re creating ANYTHING in your business is WHO you’re creating it for.

Put it this way – the success of your business is dependent on how well you know your ideal clients or customers.

Your offers, your content, your launches – all rely on truly getting to know your audience FIRST.

And the way you unlock this knowledge and kick big goals in your business – is through AUDIENCE RESEARCH.

And today’s guest on the How I Do Content Podcast is about to share the secret to nailing this important step.

Today I’m chatting to Nadine Nethery.

audience research with nadine nethery

Let me officially introduce you to Nadine

Nadine is the Founder of CAN DO! Content and a strategic copywriter for women-led brands who want to intentionally attract, delight and retain their dream customers.

Her strategic take on copy turns every brand touchpoint into genuine connections that drive sales, celebrate loyalty and grow a cheer squad that spreads the word for you (and comes back for seconds and thirds).

Over the years Nadine has given global e-commerce success stories, game-changing startups and industry-disrupting service providers the words to shine.

In today’s episode Nadine shares why audience research is so important and oh so many practical ways to undertake and implement audience research as part of your business processes.

You’ll finish this episode super clear on how to get to know your audience through audience research so you can kick big goals in your business.

Get your notepad ready – it’s a good one!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

  • Why audience research is so important and how to make it a regular part of your business processes
  • The most important questions to ask in your research to support you to hook your dream customers
  • How to put your audience research into action to help you increase brand affinity and sales

Connect with Nadine

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audience research

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