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How to Create a Standout Brand with Jacqui Naunton

One of the most fundamental aspects of content creation is consistency.

But it doesn’t just apply to how often you post⁠…⁠⁠⁠⁠

Consistency also means:⁠⁠

??  Consistency in your messaging⁠⁠

??  Consistency in selling ⁠⁠

AND of course

??   Consistency in your branding⁠⁠.

Because without it you’re missing out on the opportunity to build a standout brand.⁠⁠  The type of brand that is uniquely yours and that builds real trust with your people.

A key part of showing up confidently online…is having a consistent visual brand that makes a stand-out first impression! 

Which is why I have a very special guest on today’s episode of the How I Do Content podcast.

Graphic Design Wizard & Canva Creatress – Jacqui Naunton.

Jacqui is a graphic designer turned online design teacher for small biz owners. 

She helps passionate business owners take charge of their business giving them the skills and confidence they need to create their own incredible visual brand and graphics through her signature program: DIY Design My Biz.

It’s also one of my all-time favourite programs. 

Jacqui has taught me so many skills and helped me build my brand and one that is both uniquely Tahryn and that stands out in a sea of content.

In today’s episode Jacqui and I dive into why it’s important to have a consistent visual brand and the steps you can take to build your own standout brand.


Let me officially introduce you to Jacqui 

Jacqui is a graphic design expert focused on equipping small business owners with the tools, confidence and know-how to create their own stand out brand and graphics. 

Through her signature program, DIY Design My Biz, Jacqui teaches passionate business owners including coaches, photographers, jewellery makers, VA’s and more how to move beyond templates and overwhelm to take the reins of their own business graphics. 

She also hosts Design Hacks for DIYers, a podcast that helps biz owners DIY designs that’ll help their business thrive (not just get by)!

Jacqui created DIY Design My Biz when she saw a need for business owners that weren’t in the financial place to hire a designer to develop the skills to design their own logo, brand and graphics.  Many were already attempting DIY but at the detriment to their professionalism, client attraction and success. DIY Design My Biz has over 125 students and is growing weekly with empowered women intimately understanding their businesses and fostering lifelong design skills.

Jacqui shares so much insight into how you can create a brand that is uniquely yours and that you’re proud to share with your community. 

Let’s do this!

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️ Why it’s important to have a consistent visual brand.

⚡️ The steps you can take to build your own standout brand.

⚡️ How good design can lead to more income for your business.

Connect with Jacqui Naunton

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