5 ways to make 2023 easier (and generate more cash)

The #1 reason you’re not making money in your biz

The #1 reason you’re not making money in your biz is …

You’re trying to transfigure yourself into something you’re not by applying a cookie-cutter solution to your business.

A cookie-cutter that’s not meant for you.

I see you.

Stalking other online business owners, watching what they’re doing and wishing your business could be just as successful as theirs.

And you might’ve even tried to replicate what they’re doing by creating similar offers, sharing similar content and showing up online a certain way because “hey that’s what they’re doing and it worked for them right?!”

But here’s what I know to be true – there’s no one right way to do business or a one size fits all approach that works for everyone.

Which is why it’s important to prioritise strategies that are right for YOU and YOUR unique business. 

That’s how you create a sustainable business that makes you money.

The Social Bolt My business philosophy

The game changing business philosophy

Now this is something I learnt back in uni about 4 years ago and it’s become my business philosophy ever since and I have my best friend Patrick to thank for this.

I went back to uni to study marketing when I was 31 so I was considered a mature aged student – and if you’ve been to uni with mature aged students, sometimes they get a bad rap for being know-it-alls.

My goal for uni was to get good marks and graduate so I could get a job in marketing and I was so laser focused on everything I needed to do to make it happen. I’m not even joking when I say I would read over the unit outline and marking guide again and again making sure I didn’t miss a single detail, and that every assignment was done to the exact specifications outlined. It was my bible. 

I can now safely say that I had a fixed mindset. I truly believed that this was the one right way to do uni and the assignments and that if I followed exactly what it said then I’d be successful.

And then came along this one group assignment (fuck I don’t miss those at all) where we were putting together a sustainability marketing report for a company. I was following along the marking guide to make sure we had everything covered and Patrick said to me “why don’t we use a table in this part to communicate the results?”

Now he did present a very compelling case for that table. But my first reaction was “no that’s not in the marking guide so we’re not doing that”.

Patrick and I still laugh about it to this day – because it’s a fucking table Tahryn, calm down. 

So once I’d taken some time to process this and decide that, it’s a just a fucking table and it’s not that big of a deal – we added the table into the document and do you know what happened? We got the top mark in the class and the lecturer commented on how good the table was.

And from that moment I’ve become someone who likes to consider alternatives and challenge the norm so I’m not trying to be like every other Harry, Ron and Hermione out there.

What that means for you and your business

I truly believe that the best way to build a successful and sustainable business is to create a bespoke strategy for your unique business.

One that plays to your strengths and embraces what makes you magic.

I’ve built my business on this philosophy (thanks Patrick for teaching me this lesson before I started my business) and I consider it to be one of my superpowers.

That’s why having a personalised coach is so important. Someone who will dive deep into your business and support you to create a process that is unique to you and your individual business (no cookie cutter in sight). One that helps you reach those juicy biz goals you have.

And that’s where I come in!

My process is to coach you (using my business philosophy) to you own your magic, create your strategy and showcase your shit so you can cast your spell and create your own magic in the form of abundant offers, booked up launches and content that only you could create.

And ultimately create a business that is a blend of your unique magic AND that works FOR YOU without you having to hide under an invisibility cloak or sacrifice ease and flow.

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If that sounds exactly what you need in your business then I invite you to book one of my FREE 20 minute strategy sessions.

I’m here to help you decide the 1 best business strategy to focus on so you can create magic in your business for the remainder of 2021.

There are a limited number of sessions available – here is the link to book yours.

And if you can’t find a time that works for you – please send me a DM over on Instagram @thesocialbolt and we’ll find one that does.

I really can’t wait to talk to you and plan a magical end to 2021 – because who doesn’t need a little bit of magic in their life and business.

The Social Bolt The #1 reason you're not making money in your biz

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