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My Most Magical Messaging & Marketing Tips for Business Wizards

This is the 4th and final instalment of my mini-series, Messaging on the Mic, inside the How I Do Content Podcast. Well, for now at least. 

To recap the previous Messaging on the Mic 2024 episodes: 

  • In Volume 1 I reviewed the messaging of an Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant
  • In Volume 2 I reviewed the messaging of a Fertility Awareness Teacher 
  • And, in Volume 3, I reviewed the messaging of a Social Media Manager

If you haven’t already checked out those episodes – go check them out right now.

In this episode, I decided to do something a little different…

I received more applications than I have episodes to review your messaging – so I decided to have a look at all the applications for this year, and then pick some common themes across the board.


A ‘best of Messaging on the Mic 2024’ if you will.

My Most Magical Messaging & Marketing Tips for Business Wizards

Messaging on the Mic: My Recommendations for Small Business Wizards

These recommendations will be super helpful for ALL business owners – because there are common challenges and areas for improvement when it comes to the messaging I’ve observed. 

As a reminder, for every Messaging on the Mic application I receive:

  • I always do a little stalky-stalk at Instagram profiles and websites (if they have them) so I can get an insight into who they are and the magic they create for their clients. 
  • I also read through the answers to their application questions so I can reconcile what they’re already sharing and what they can do to elevate their messaging further

So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

How to take your messaging to the next level:

#1 The messaging magic is found in the depth & substance

Music to my sensitive little Pisces heart.

With the sheer amount of content being pumped out by businesses and bots – your audience is sick of seeing the same generic messaging. 

Actually, it’s worse than that. 

They simply don’t care, because generic messaging doesn’t stand out – so you know what they do? They keep on scrolling without any further thought. 

Instead of them knowing you’re out there with a solution to their problems or something to make their life even better – they keep on coming up against the same challenges, repeating the same patterns, completely unaware of you and your magic!

It’s no longer enough to say your product or service:

  • Saves you time
  • Makes you more money
  • Or helps you feel better

People want SPECIFICS.

Your messaging paints the picture of what their life and/or business will look like with you in it.

It’s the virtual try-on of your products and services.

So it’s gotta be pretty fucking clear why they need you in their life.

Most wizards who apply for Messaging on the Mic struggle to answer the question, “Why do people come to you for help? When people reach out to work with you – why do they choose you?”

Now more than ever, people want to know why YOU are the wizard they should buy from.

If you’re going to help them save time, make more money, or feel better – HOW do you do it?

  • What’s your unique process or framework (if you don’t have one, it’s time to consider it!)? 
  • What’s the step-by-step process you take your clients through to get them what they desire?
  • What are the perspectives, thoughts and values that you hold close to your heart that make you different to others in your industry?
  • What have been the most important, formative and shaping experiences of your life?
  • What’s your unique blend of personality? Your quirks, superpowers and obsessions?

It’s all about the depth and substance! 

During a time of external uncertainty, it’s on YOU to give your community confidence and assurance that your offers are worth their time, money and resources.  

You gotta stop presenting the watered-down, unsure expression of yourself and really claim your space, share your magic, and own the impact you have on your community. 

#2 Communicate the value your work brings to your community 

Most of the wizards who applied for Messaging on the Mic said the main hesitations or objections their ideal client or customer has before they hit the ‘buy now’ button is either money or uncertainty. 

I believe this is actually NOT a bad thing! 

Price is obviously the biggest objection right now, BUT people are still spending money on things they believe are valuable to them. I still spend money on getting my nails done, getting coffee, and eating smashed avocado on toast, because that’s important to me – even though some generations will have you believe that’s why I can’t afford to buy a house. 

If someone desires what you have, then your offer is valuable to them.

People are always spending money somewhere – so where is it going? And how can you shine a light on why you and your offer are worth spending their money on? 

It’s your messaging that helps you communicate the value of what you do and offer so your ideal client feels safe and certain in their decision. 

It’s on YOU to highlight this value – your ideal client won’t come to this conclusion unless you give them a reason to. 

Some of the ways you can communicate your value:

  • Make your words MOVE people. Stop obsessing over writing the perfect caption or stripping away all traces of you by using basic AF templates. Instead, focus on the meaning behind the message and write from your heart.
  • Write for HUMANS. Avoid using technical mumbo jumbo that leaves your ideal clients with no idea what you’re talking about. Explain things in simple terms and use specific examples to give context. 
  • Speak to the transformation, changes and shifts your work can create for your ideal client – what will their new reality look like? Make sure it speaks to what they desire and what’s valuable to them.

As always, this highlights why knowing your ideal client like they’re your bestie is so crucial to mastering your messaging. 

#3 The magic is in your micro-messaging

An “I help” statement shouldn’t make up your entire marketing messaging.

There are different elements and layers that make up your messaging – it’s what I refer to as your micro messaging.

You have messaging for your:

  • Brand and business
  • Offers
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 

It’s often connected and overlaps, but it all comes together to create your unique blend of messaging magic. 

You’re going to see and hear me focus a WHOLE LOT on micro messaging over the next few weeks. Especially seeing as I’m close to launching my new program, aptly called Micro Messaging.

It’s the ONLY program you need to message and market your brand and offers to win clients on repeat, without sounding like every other Tom, Fred & Harry Potter on the internet.

I’ll be teaching you how to create different micro messaging for each element of your business, and, most importantly, how to take your messaging and turn it into marketing.

So every time you:

  • Write a sales page
  • Write an Instagram post
  • Record a video
  • Go on a podcast 

…you’ll know how to clearly and confidently position yourself and your offer as the ONLY solution to the problem your dream clients want to solve.

If your main priority is to make more money in your business right now – your messaging needs to be viewed from this microlens. 

Your messaging needs to speak to your ideal client on a deeper level, and activate them. 

If you want to learn more about micro messaging before the doors to Micro Messaging open…

Sign up for my FREE masterclass, ‘How to Tell + Sell’

I’ve proclaimed 2024 as the year of Micro Messaging – so I’m going to take you through the specific marketing + sales messaging you need to stand out and win dream clients on repeat. 

I know being specific and more concise in your messaging and marketing is a big challenge for the wizards in my community, so my aim is for you to walk away from the masterclass clear on the micro shifts you need to make in your marketing and sales messaging. 

The masterclass is on Wednesday 19th June at 10am Perth time and YES, a recording will be available if you can’t make it live or prefer to watch it at 2x speed like me.

You can sign up here for FREE!

My Most Magical Messaging & Marketing Tips for Business Wizards

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