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The Secret To Scroll-Stopping Brand Messaging That Makes Sales On Repeat

I want to let you in on a little secret – a way to get your ideal clients and customers to stop scrolling past your content and start taking notice. To have your content speak so deeply to them, they think you’ve taken up residence in their head… Which gives them no other option but to throw their money at you!

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast, I’m sharing the brand messaging shifts you need to make to stand out online and cash in. Because this right here is the difference between crickets and consistent clients and cash.

In an online space where you’re competing for the attention of your community – you need to know how to master your marketing and brand messaging.

Learn how to cut through the noise and stamp your unique blend of magic everywhere so it’s clear to your ideal clients or customers why they need YOU in their life – RIGHT NOW!

The Secret To Scroll-Stopping Brand Messaging That Makes Sales On Repeat

Brand messaging 101: start with the who and the you

Crafting stellar, stand-out brand messaging always begins with the WHO & the YOU.

  • WHO are you in business to serve?
  •  Why are YOU the wizard for them?

This means:

  • Becoming BFFs with your ideal clients or customers, and understanding them on a deep level
  • Knowing what magic YOU bring to the table, and confidently sharing that shit everywhere

I won’t be going into further detail about these – simply because I want to spend more time focused on giving you specific messaging examples so you can listen to this episode and then go and make the changes.

Know this though: if you can’t speak to the WHO & the YOU in great detail – you’ve got some serious work to do before you get into the messaging shifts. Without these two things – you’ll find it difficult to master your marketing messaging, full stop.


Swap vague sales copy for ultra-specific messaging

Your brand messaging paints a picture of what your ideal customer’s life and/or business will look like with you in it.  It’s the virtual try-on of your products and services so it’s gotta be pretty effing clear why they need you in their life. This is why the more specific you can be – the more you stand out, the more your ideal clients take notice, and the more money you make.

In an online space where people are spoilt for choice and new content is being published every single moment of every single day – vague and boring copy that literally anyone could write (including a robot) is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

And I see it so often – generic messaging like:

  • Do you want to make more money?
  • Do you want to feel better?
  • Do you want to save time?

And the answer to all these? “Obviously!”

It’s not to say you don’t speak to making more money, feeling better or saving time – because yes, at the heart of it, this is what they want. But it’s not painting a crystal clear picture of what that looks like for them.

Examples of generic copy vs. specific marketing messaging for small businesses:

  1. I’m the business coach who helps you make more money →  I’m the business coach who helps you master your marketing and slay your sales so you can hit $10k+ months consistently in your business.
  2. I’m the naturopath who helps you feel better →  I’m the naturopath who helps you balance your hormones so not only do you feel better but your skin won’t break out simply by looking at that slice of pizza.
  3. I’m the virtual assistant who saves you time →  I’m the virtual assistant who takes the tasks you hate off your to-do list so you can spend more time cuddling your dog. 

These are some really basic examples but you see my point. I’ve taken their ‘just like everyone else’ and made it unique and specific AF.

Developing an “I help you…” statement doesn’t make up your entire marketing messaging. 

Every time you:

  • Write a sales page
  • Write an Instagram post
  • Record a video
  • Go on a podcast 

You want to be painting that clear picture of why you + them = dream match.

For example:

What does more money / feeling better / more time actually look like and how is it different to what they’re currently experiencing? 

  • More money could look like going from $10k months to $20k months without working more 
  • Feeling better could look like clearer skin 
  • More time could look like not working 24/7

Another example:

What does having more money / feeling better / more time mean for them?

  • More money means being able to book that dream holiday or buy your dream house without worrying about where the money is coming from
  • Feeling better means feeling more confident in your skin 
  • More time means focusing on the money-making tasks in your business 

And finally:

What’s your unique process or perspective that makes you different from every other business coach, naturopath, virtual assistant or [insert what you do here] out there?

  • How do you support them to go from where they are now to where they want to be?
  • What techniques, tools, and strategies do you bring to the table? 

As you can see – your messaging shifts from beige and the same as every other Harry, Ron & Hermione out there promising more money / feeling better / more time → to standing out and being uniquely you.

Leverage your point of difference to stand out in a saturated market

I have a past client that’s the perfect real-life example to use here to demonstrate the power of specific messaging.  Lucy from Little Sparks of Joy Studio makes the most delicious-smelling candles.  In a past life, Lucy was a wonderful coach, but when we started working together she had a vision to completely pivot her business from coaching to making candles.

Now I know what you’re thinking – there are so many candle businesses out there! But what makes Lucy different is her messaging, her brand and her candle scents.

Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP) and what makes you different

The first thing I asked Lucy was what makes her candles different to all the other brands in the same market. From there, we developed her marketing messaging to speak to these points of difference.

Some key messaging pieces:

  • Scents like 50c Lolly bags, Fizzy Cola Bottles and grape Hubba Bubba – smell like your childhood
  • Sprinkle candles that smell good enough to eat
  • No Boring Smells
  • If you’re looking for coconut & lime, you might be in the wrong place
  • Designed to turn your joy up to 11
  • Proudly too much

Because Lucy was specific AF with how she wanted to position her products – they stand out amongst the sea of other candles out there.

And the result = she’s built a money-making brand that has customers coming back again and again because they can’t get enough of her one-of-a-kind scents.  If you want to craft money-making messaging you need to go past the surface-level stuff. 

Don’t be afraid to be specific AF

And when you’re crafting your marketing messaging ask yourself questions to go a little deeper and get even clearer.

When I was at uni completing my Masters of Marketing, one of my lecturers would often return my assignments covered in red pen and notes like:

  • So what?
  • And?
  • Explain further…
  • Be more specific…

Truth be told, I used to hate it when he returned my assignments like this. In time though, I realised (annoyingly) that these hostile annotations helped guide me to become uber-specific when developing brand messaging. Becoming super-clear on the point of difference and the problem(s) you’re solving for your client is what will elevate your messaging above other brands.

The more specific you can be – the more you stand out, the more your ideal clients take notice and the more money you make!

The Secret To Scroll-Stopping Brand Messaging That Makes Sales On Repeat

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