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Behind the Scenes of my $50k sales month

If I could sum up the past couple of months in my business it would be hectic, exciting and expansive AF.

At the end of August, I launched my very first mastermind (the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind) and by the end of September, I’d hit my first $50k sales month.

I want to preface this by saying – no I didn’t wave a magic wand and hello $50k in sales. I didn’t post once or twice and then stop because I was worried about annoying people or sounding salesy. And I also didn’t create any complicated Reels. None of the reels I shared even had me in them!

In today’s episode of the How I Do Content Podcast I’ll share how I DID call in $50k of sales as I take you behind the scenes of my $50k sales month.

As always I value transparency so that’s why I like to break everything down for you so you can understand how I got to this milestone and because I always find it helpful to learn how other biz owners do the same.

So let’s break down my $50k sales month shall we?

The first thing I did way back in August as I was preparing to launch was…

$50k sales month The Social Bolt

Step 1 to $50k in sales – Setting my goal

I’m very goal-oriented and I work well when I have something to aim for.

Now last year I started doing this thing with my best friend where I would set myself a monetary goal (one that felt stretchy but achievable) and when I reached that goal I’d shout him dinner at a nice restaurant here in Perth.

Because if there’s one thing to motivate me to reach a goal and that’s including another person in that goal. Also give me good food, good wine and good company over a luxury handbag any day!

So I decided to set myself the goal of $50k in sales by the end of my launch period.

My business coach also said if I did achieve my $50k sales goal she would also take me to lunch (her shout).

So it was on like Donkey Kong!

Now the intention behind my goal was:

  1. I’ve never had a $50k sales month so wanted to challenge myself
  2. I’ve always had my best sales months towards the end of the year

So I’d decided my goal and now it was time to reverse engineer how to make it happen.

Now what offers were going to help me reach $50k?

Step 2 to $50k in sales – Mapping out my offers

Spoiler Alert – I never solely rely on one single launch to bring in revenue to my business.

It’s been an intentional decision to build out my offer suite so that I have multiple streams of revenue.

I have monthly recurring revenue AND then my launches stack on top of that. So to reach $50k I wasn’t putting all my chips on this one launch.

Being that it was the first time I would be launching the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind I KNEW the launch would be on the quieter side because it’s a new offer and my community needs time to learn about the mastermind and if it’s the right fit for them. A lot of people sit back and observe the first launch.

So heading into this launch I knew there were multiple avenues for me to generate and receive money into my business.

I also have my:

  • 1:1 Biz Wizard Coaching Series
  • Done for You Client Content Retainers
  • Book My Magic Day Rate
  • Ongoing Support Coach Role
  • Ongoing payment plans from Become a Launch Wizard & the School of Content Wizardry 
  • DIY Content Wizard Bundle 

This meant there were a number of offer combinations and pathways that could lead me to $50k – I wasn’t starting from 0.

If you go back and listen to Episode 53 of the Podcast and I share – how to generate consistent monthly revenue through launching. This has been a game-changer in taking my business to the next income level.

And what usually happens during a launch is called the “halo effect”. So I might be launching the mastermind but I’ll also have enquiries about 1:1 coaching or my done for you content day rate. It’s a very nice by-product of being visible and sharing consistent content.

So that leads nicely into the next step to $50k…    

Step 3 to $50k in sales – Getting clear on my plan

Because you don’t simply set a goal and expect it to happen.

Just as you can’t put things on your vision board, cross your fingers and manifest them like magic.

You need a plan and you need to take action on that plan.

So knowing I had a $50k sales goal I KNEW it would require a launch to generate momentum and sales. One thing I’m good at is building, generating and holding momentum in my business.

And you could say I know a thing or two about what it takes to launch and launch successfully.

Now to generate this kinda momentum you also need CONTENT!

Not just any content – CONSISTENT content across multiple channels that speaks to the soul of your ideal client and inspires them to take action aka buy from you.

And if there’s another thing I also know how to do bloody well – it’s to create magical AF content.

My wizardry skills in launching + content didn’t happen overnight.

This is a result of launching more times than I can even count! Launching, reviewing the launch, using the data to make tweaks and improvements and launching again and again and again.

The same goes for content. Create, review, test, tweak, refine, repurpose again and again again.

This is how you build to $50k sales months – NOT by being too scared to hit publish on a piece of content or launch that offer for the first time.

What I always say to my clients is – what you see of me today is a result of the content that hardly anyone read, my first masterclass, the email that 10 people unsubscribed from, the launches that didn’t go to plan – all of those moments lead me to be the person I am today. 

You won’t achieve your big expansive goals if you’re not willing to attempt them because you’re scared to fail.

Ok so the plan was clear – use a launch + content + epic momentum to reach my $50k goal.

Now it was go time!

So reflecting on my $50k sales month, there were 3 core things to make it happen…

Because as you know, setting the goal wasn’t enough. I had to decide it was happening and then make sure my actions mirrored this goal.

There’s no point in setting a goal only to not follow through.

As I mentioned earlier… 

I had a clear plan. 

A step by step plan to guide me along the way to $50k. A launch plan, a content plan, a sales plan – and within each plan it was broken down even further so I knew exactly what I needed to do to turn this goal into reality.

I wasn’t making shit up or getting lost in the messy parts of launch life. When you have a clear plan – it removes so much fucking pressure off you + your brain.

It’s the ultimate form of self-care for me. 

I harnessed thought-leadership content. 

So I was launching the mastermind for the first time and there are a bazillion other business masterminds out there.

The reality is that my ideal clients have other options – so I needed to make the Introverted Biz-Wizard Mastermind THE best option for them. This requires me to highlight why I am the business coach for them. Not “come and join my mastermind, it has fortnightly group coaching and copy review and it’s amazing.” That kind of messaging and content doesn’t cut it.

You need to stand out and position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

For me this looked like going on hot girl walks whilst thought-dumping into my notes app. I would think about the things that piss me off about the online space, why I’m different from all the other business coaches, what I want to see in the online space and I would put it all into my notes app. When I got home I would ground myself and then pick out the most potent and powerful thoughts and put them into a piece of content.

This meant my content was different to all the other business coaches because it was my unfilited thoughts – not a copy + paste formula. Stop trying to copy + paste your way to success and start speaking what’s on your heart. Promise it makes a huge difference to how you feel about creating content and how your audience feels about your content!

I kept showing up and selling my shit even when things were quiet. 

Next time anyone says to me “it was crickets” during their launch – I’m going to say “try launching to introverts”. I say this with so much love because I am an introvert and that’s literally how I observe and participate in other launches. So I wasn’t expecting anything different.

But it honestly highlights why you need to keep showing up and selling your shit even when you are hearing crickets. Because you never know who is watching, reading your content and making a decision. If you stop showing up because you’re afraid of the quiet then you’re robbing them of that opportunity.


Not everyone feels comfortable sending you a DM to have a conversation about your offer. Some people enjoy reading a fucking sales page and taking their time to make their purchase decision.

And not everyone will see every single thing you post. That’s why it’s so important to repeat yourself – to have epic messaging that you can repeat again and again to build awareness, connection and trust.

All of this goes to show the importance of having a process. Because no matter what happens during my launch, whether I’m hearing crickets or dream clients are dropping out of the sky – I’m committed to my process. 

There were times during my launch that I didn’t think I was going to get to my $50k sales goal. I remember messaging my best friend after over a week of no sales saying “hey I think I’m going to fall just short” but that didn’t mean I gave up.

I kept going.

I kept to the plan.

I kept sharing content.

I kept showing up.

And then a couple of days later I hit the $50k sales.

I trusted the process and I believed in myself and now I get to take my best friend out for another delicious dinner.

I know this $50k sales month wouldn’t have been possible without a framework for a repeatable launch process. It’s an asset that I’ve created in my business that allows me to launch again and again AND repeatedly hit my goals.

And if you’re thinking – I want one of those… Well, I can create one for you very soon!

I have a new offer launching next week. It’s a DONE WITH YOU service which means there will be a limited number available for a special launch price.

So look out for an owl with your invitation.

$50k sales

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