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How My Toughest Year In Business Became My Most Profitable To Date

As I sat down to reflect on the end of the 22/23 Financial Year, I discovered that not only was June my biggest-ever cash month in business…It was also my biggest financial year to date. 

While I love celebrating these magical milestones – I also share this because my biggest year in business (to date) didn’t exactly look like what you might expect it to. There was about a 3-month period earlier this year where business felt really hard. And no matter what I did, it felt like I was pushing shit up a hill.

I know what you’re thinking – how did I end up having my biggest year in business, all while navigating these challenges? In this episode, I reveal exactly how I navigated those shitty times to my most profitable year yet. I want you to walk away feeling confident that this is possible for you AND for you to have some really practical tips for how to turn things around if you’re finding business hard right now.

How My Toughest Year In Business Became My Most Profitable To Date

Accept and feel all the feelings

It’s ok to feel upset, disappointed and frustrated as fuck if your year isn’t going as well as you hoped or planned. You’re human – you’re allowed to feel these emotions. And you definitely shouldn’t make yourself wrong for feeling them. I’m a Pisces so I love (and recommend) a good cry. Let it out so you can move through those feelings and be ready to make shit happen in your business.  

You can ask Ned – there were definitely tears but I allowed myself to feel the feelings and then used that as fuel to drive me forward. My coach always reminds me that it’s often at the point where I let it out and I cry my little heart out when things start moving and I regain momentum pretty quickly. 

Get honest with yourself about what needs to change in your business

What’s actually making your business feel hard?

Before you can move forward and decide what to do next – you need to figure out what the problem is.

  • What’s working right now? 
  • What’s NOT working right now?
  • How are you feeling about your business? 
  • Why do you feel this way?
  • If you could wave a magic wand – what would look different in your business?

And I want you to be really honest with yourself. There’s no point just saying “business sucks” and not looking deeper into why. 

Recognise when it’s time to tweak your strategy

When I did this process myself I realised I wanted more 1:1 coaching clients. But I wanted to do things differently and to be able to give them more of me and my biz wizarding skills – in particular my copywriting skills. One of the biggest challenges past clients had faced was taking what we discussed on our coaching calls and then actually writing the copy (the sales pages, the sign-up pages, the launch emails). Writing copy doesn’t come naturally to everyone but for me, it feels easy. After all, it’s how I started my business!

I decided that I’d add done-for-you copy + content to my 1:1 business coaching to help my ideal clients solve a problem they’re currently navigating that’s stopping them from taking their business to the next level. It was something that felt good for me AND makes this offer different and unique to what’s out there – because very few business coaches offer this service and not to the level I can. 

Commit to implementing the changes 

You can complain and cry about why your business isn’t working…And you can know what you want to change or have a vision for what you want instead…

But if you don’t take action to fix this – then nothing will change. Business will always feel hard.

I’m not one to sugarcoat shit, and please know – this is quite literally the conversation I had with myself, too. Because I’m in business for the long run, so if I want to keep being a stay-at-home dog Mum – I gotta make shit happen. 

So this looked like:

  • Reviewing my messaging and making tweaks so it nailed the 3 components of The Bolt 3D Framework – Desire, Demand & Differentiation
  • Making tweaks to the offer itself – including increasing the price point to reflect the magic of having me as a business coach AND copy wizard in your business 
  • Rewriting the entire sales page to reflect the shifts in my messaging
  • Creating a launch plan so I knew exactly how I was going to promote this offer
  • Executing the launch plan and sharing the shit out of it EVERYWHERE (On the podcast, Instagram, Launch Emails, Free Masterclasses – I didn’t do all this work to simply post once and ghost) 

The result? 3 new dream coaching clients in the space of a week (2 of which were completely new to my world). I’ve been in business long enough to know the strategies that ACTUALLY get you the results you want. What I’ve shared here is nothing new or groundbreaking but it absolutely works if you take action consistently

There’s a lot to be said for consistency

There’s no such thing as overnight success in business

It takes time to see meaningful results. It won’t take just one post, one story, sending one email or mentioning an offer once to be inundated with sales. 

When someone uses the whole “I posted one reel or one story and made 5-figures” type of messaging – there’s a lot of context missing.

They don’t mention:

  • How long they’ve been in business and how much content they’ve shared in that period
  • How many times they’ve previously sold this offer 
  • What content they’ve been sharing and the conversations they’ve been having behind the scenes 
  • What the size of their email list is

You only see the end result – not everything that got them to that point.

The reason I made these sales in a short period of time is because:

  • I’ve been consistently sharing content for over 4 years – I used to post 5+ x a week so now I can post less and still get the same results (or better)
  • I’ve been running free masterclasses and giving away fuckloads of value in my content so now I have a community of magical humans who show the fuck up for me time and time again
  • I showed up and shared my story even when it felt scary so now people know, like and trust me and I have a standout brand that people use as a “best practice”
  • My 1:1 coaching is not a new offer and I added a super-desirable inclusion that I knew my dream clients wanted. 

My seemingly overnight results were actually years in the making. The actions you choose to take every single day impact your future results.

Stay focused on your business goals

If you want to have your biggest year in business or your highest cash month in business – what are you focusing on today to move you closer to that? A mistake I see so many business owners make is giving up just before they start to see the results they want. If it doesn’t happen after a couple of weeks or even a couple of months – they’re ready to burn shit to the ground.

If I hadn’t called in those clients in the space of a week, do you know what I would’ve done?

Given up.

Jokes (obviously)…I would’ve kept going. Because I had a plan. I trust the process. I know this offer solves a huge problem and I know I’m the wizard to support my community.

If you’re tweaking or changing your messaging, or you’re sharing a new offer or you’re only starting to get into the habit of consistently sharing content – for the love of dogs, DON’T freak out if you don’t see results in a couple of weeks. When you consistently show up for yourself and your business, you WILL consistently see results (even if it takes a little bit of time).

There’s still time to turn your business around

You still get to have your best years in business even if you’re navigating challenging times or business is slow or there are months that feel hard – if you decide and then commit to making it happen. Things can turn around at any point, so don’t throw 2023 in the bin just yet.

If you want your business to look different in 6 months – what are you doing to change it?

If you want to reignite your sales in the second half of the year and make 2023 your best year yet – my 1:1 Biz Wizard Coaching Series is for YOU!

I support you to create desire, demand and differentiation through your messaging so you can take your business to the next level.

I have just opened up TWO spots – to make one yours tap your wand here for all the juicy details.

How My Toughest Year In Business Became My Most Profitable To Date

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