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Sales Ain’t Sleazy with Harriet Mellor


Lately I’ve been talking A LOT about sales and selling on social media because I know that when I say the word sales – you cringe a little.

You immediately think of that sleazy car salesman or one of those booths in the middle of the shopping centres that you have to avoid eye contact with.

BUT as I’ve said before – you didn’t get into business to make no money and sales are an important part of being in business. 

So let’s bust a few misconceptions about sales…

And to do this I have another magical guest to share with you – and that is Harriet Mellor. 

Harriet is the Sales Queen with over 15 years experience in sales within a range of industries in both the UK and Australia and is known for growing sales from $0-$9.8m in less than 3 years.

Pretty impressive right? 

Not only that but Harriet is on a mission to show you that sales ain’t sleazy.

Because sales are MOST DEFINITELY NOT sleazy – don’t believe me – listen to this episode and take onboard the sales gems that Harriet drops and then make up your mind.

sales ain't sleazy

Let me officially introduce you to Harriet 

Harriet is a Sales Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur and Big Picture Sales Consultant; passionate about growing businesses and removing the stigma from Sales.

She works with her clients to create a bulletproof sales cycle that generates incredible results. 

Using her Sales Success Method she supports clients through coaching and consulting to transform their sales journeys and increase their revenue. 

So of course Harriet is the perfect person to chat with ALL about sales and show you that sales ain’t sleazy.

Make sure you have a pen and paper with you to take notes. 

Things You’ll Learn in This Episode of How I Do Content

⚡️  The biggest misconceptions around sales (think sleazy car salesman).

⚡️ Some of the biggest sales mistakes you can make and how to fix them.

⚡️ The key mindset to have when approaching sales in your business.

⚡️ What the content creation process looks like for a million dollar business

Connect with Harriet

? Follow on Instagram: @yoursalesco

? Connect via LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/harriet-mellor-a96a153b/  

? Join the The Sales Transformation Mastermind at https://www.yoursalesco.com/mastermindwaitlist


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