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How to Launch a Chart-Topping Podcast – 1 year of the How I Do Content Podcast

Today marks 1 year of the How I Do Content Podcast!

So in today’s episode, I’m sharing how to launch a chart-topping podcast.

Because if I can launch a podcast and get it to #1 in Australia and #2 in New Zealand in Marketing on Apple Podcasts – then you sure as heck can too.

And if you’re thinking about launching a podcast OR if you’ve written off the idea because “I could never do that” – today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear.

So let’s party!

chart topping podcast

Why launch a podcast?

I never, ever thought I’d have a podcast. But when I felt myself getting so frustrated with social media, to the point that I was hating creating content. I knew something had to change.

So I decided I was launching a podcast, even though I had no idea what I was doing AND #spoileralert it’s the best decision I’ve made.

Because seeing how engagement on social media has continued to plummet, moving my focus towards this podcast has removed that desperation that “social media has to work or else I’ll have no clients.”

It’s really taken the pressure off and reignited my creativity. So thank you Mark Zuckerberg for pushing me in this direction.

So here’s my case FOR launching a podcast:

  • It is your hero piece. The focus on your content strategy. And all other pieces of content fall off of it. 1 podcast episode can be repurposed into MULTIPLE pieces of content forever and ever
  • Lots of people listen to podcasts religiously so it’s a really great platform for you to unlock new audiences, especially when you have guest interviews so you can tap into their audience too
  • You’re not restricted to a character or a time limit that you are on social media and there’s no fucking algorithm or new features to contend with

Now I want to share a couple of things you can do to firstly maximise the number of downloads when you first launch your podcast AND what you can do to maintain that momentum going forward. Because not only did the How I Do Content Podcast hit the top of the charts in its first week, but it’s stayed in the charts for the majority of the past 12 months.

So when you’re launching your podcast for the first time…

Create excitement and community with a launch team

This is where you gather your most loyal fans and followers and invite them to celebrate with you whilst helping you share the shit out of your podcast.

Because there are people out there in your community that love you and the work you do and would happily shout about it from the rooftops – you just gotta ask them to.

This is your reminder that you don’t have to do business alone. And it’s way more fun to make a party of it – and you don’t even have to leave your home.

So your launch team serves as your hype squad. What better way to launch your podcast than with a launch team behind you to share your podcast with their community?

This helps to generate hype, excitement, curiosity and ultimately (and most importantly) downloads, subscribes and reviews. It’s that mix that sends you to the top of the charts.

When you first launch your podcast encourage your listeners to subscribe, review and share your episodes as much as possible.

Another thing you can do is…

Launch with multiple episodes

So I launched my podcast with 3 episodes over 3 days – so really going ALL in to boost those downloads, subscribes and reviews straight away.

And not just any episodes – hit them with the good shit straight up.

Think about what YOU are known for, or the questions that you always get asked by your community. Because you want to hand-deliver content that is super desirable for your community.

This leads nicely into my next point, and that is…

Choose your guests wisely

You want to interview humans who can ADD VALUE for your audience.

My first 2 guests were Ellie Swift & Brooke Vulinovich who are 2 people who’ve taught me SO much about business and content so they were such obvious choices for me.

You also want to interview people who you know are going to share their episodes with their community.

Guest interviews are a great way to expand your reach and get you in front of new audiences.
Make sure you tell your guests when your episode goes live and give them graphics and links they can share on their socials too.

Ok, so you’ve launched your podcast – now what?


There are 3 things you can do to maintain the momentum of your podcast. First up…

Record episodes that your audience simply MUST listen to

This is creating magical content 101.


Your community and loyal listeners are your greatest source of information. Period.

I listen to what my community are telling me – what they’re struggling with or what they want to learn more about from me – and then I record episodes about it.

If I share something on socials that gets heaps of engagement – you guessed it – podcast episode.

There is no point recording episodes if it’s not something your audience wants or needs to learn about – because then they won’t listen.

The next thing you can do to maintain your momentum is to…

Share consistent content

When you are deciding to launch your podcast – also decide what content you’ll be creating and sharing alongside your podcast.

To maximise the number of downloads you get – don’t just rely on hitting publish on each episode. Think about how you can increase the lifespan of your podcast episodes and make sure all roads lead to your podcast.

My weekly podcast episodes are shared in a:

  • Weekly email
  • Weekly carousel post on the Gram
  • A weekly blog on my website,
  • Multiple Pinterest Pins
  • Multiple Instagram stories.

I also have a link to my podcast in my Instagram bio and I’ll soon have a dedicated podcast page on my website.

This leads perfectly to my final recommendation – and that’s to…

Keep telling people about your podcast

It goes without saying, but if you want people to listen to your podcast – TELL THEM ABOUT IT!

Fully own what you’re creating and the value you can add to your listeners and be proud to share the shit out of it.

Be like my Mum Moira who proudly tells every bloody shop assistant about me and my business and what Ned had for breakfast.

Your podcast is such a powerful tool for you to communicate with your community – so share it loudly and proudly!

You might think, “oh but people won’t care or listen” – but you’ll be surprised. Because here I am a year later, 50 episodes in and close to 10,000 downloads and it STILL blows my mind when people DM me telling me they loved an episode or they share it on their stories. 12 months later and it doesn’t get old.

And there you have it – how to launch a chart-topping podcast! Thank you again for being a legendary human who listens to this podcast. If there’s a topic you want to learn more about or a guest you want me to interview – hit me up on Instagram @thesocialbolt and let me know.

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